Yay, election laws for every state translated into common language and available at a single location!  New Organizing Institute has just unveiled a stellar new tool for anyone involved in voter registration, poll watching or other types of elections administration.  Each piece of information is sourced and dated so you can verify its accuracy and “freshness”, and it’s been translated from legalese into common language.  Just click on the map to see your state’s laws and regulations in the following categories:

  • Voter Registration

  • Early, Absentee and other ways to Vote

  • At the Polling Place

  • Voter ID and Challenges

  • Election Types and Dates

  • State and Local Election Officials

    From NOI’s Sam Oliker-Friedland:

    Do you register voters, help them cast an early ballot, or make sure their vote is counted on Election Day? Good news-the New Organizing Institute has collected everything you need to know in the Organizer’s Guide to Election Administration.

    NOI collected all fifty states’ election laws as they pertain to organizers and put them in one place for you: http://bit.ly/statelaw.  The database covers rules around voter registration drives, absentee voting, early voting, online voter registration, poll watching, primaries, and lots more. Basically everything you need as an organizer to register, turn out, and protect the vote, fully sourced and dated. Please share with your colleagues and allies!

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