By RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

Last season’s ‘DYAO’ gay dancer gives tips for Dallas auditions this weekend

FROM JUNK IN THE TRUNK TO SUPERHUNK | ‘Dance Your Ass Off’s’ gay ‘loser’ parlayed his appearance on the show into a career as a personal trainer — and typical gay gym-rat muscle boy.

Powerhouse of Dance,
12300 Inwood Road, suite 124.
Dec. 5, 10 a.m.­– 4 p.m.

The holidays can be hell on the caloric intake volume. Who takes that "everything in moderation" advice seriously when a beautifully browned turkey, glistening buttered mashed potatoes and deep-dish pecan pie are set in front of you?

But with the New Year looming and a couple of peeks at the scales, diets and gym memberships are probably making many to-do lists.

Or you could just dance it away. And we’re not talking Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

Dance Your Ass Off, the Oxygen network reality competition series, begins its second season with auditions in North Texas on Saturday. Part Biggest Loser and part Dancing With the Stars, it takes perhaps the most fun approach to weight loss.

"I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life and this ranks high as one of the most life-changing experience ever in my adult life," says Miles Broadhead, a gay first-season contestant.

Broadhead battled his way through season 1 with a starting weight of 260. Although he was eliminated mid-season at the 236-pound mark, he’s thrived with his weight loss by continuing to drop. Since the beginning of the show until now, he lost a total of 101 pounds.

"That’s been the lasting affect of the show. It is very fast because of the show but I’m being more conscious about nutrition and exercise. It’s amazing when the most uncontrollable part of your life gets under control. Everything starts falling into place," he says.

The show not only helped Broadhead continue to drop weight, it gave him a better perspective on discrimination and his own self-image. He’s not sure whether it was his TV appearance or his weight loss differently, but people treat him now and it gives him mixed feelings.

"I’m the same guy. A lot of people treat me so much differently, that it even makes me sick a little.

It’s interesting how people I haven’t spoke to now invite me to the cool parties. Before, I always felt like an afterthought," he says.

But his attention focuses elsewhere.

He now sees his new lifestyle as a medicine, especially now after just going through a break-up. The endorphin rush seems to cancel out his ill feelings.

"I do a lot of working out now because of that.

It’s definitely a mind-state that solves a lot of problems," he says.

Perhaps the same can happen to you. As the show gears up for season 2, it’s on the lookout for the next DYAO winner with auditions in Dallas.

If you’re a little nervous about shaking your thing, Broadhead says relax.

"Realize there is lot of hype out there but go in open-minded. If you don’t get cast, you’ve at least taken the first step. Just think: Weight loss is nothing more than as math problem and the correct answer is the easiest one," he advises.

And what did he think when he was on the auditioning slab? "What the hell am I doing?"


The people at Kimpton hotels are extending a gracious hand to the Resource Center Dallas with the Red Hot Party.

You may not even notice the good youʼre doing since DJ Guillaume, pictured, will be spinning the tunes and lots of nosh will be there to nibble on.

The best part — all proceeds collected will go to the RCD.
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As Ennis told Jack, we wish we could quit Bravo. We canʼt, and they probably wouldnʼt want us to. Why else would they offer us these juicy tidbits for our television watching?

The new reality quasi-competition cooking show, Chef Academy, has brought us a new villain in the impossibly gorgeous French chef, Jean Christophe Novelli. He runs his new culinary school with students hoping to become Americaʼs next top chef. But his high standards bring some to tears.

No matter. We are more intrigued by the scandalous reveal that one of the chefs is a former porn star. OK, perhaps itʼs not scandalous, but itʼs fun.

Fellow Frenchman Emmanuel DelCour, pictured right, was outed on episode 2 as an awardwinning adult-film actor (straight porn, sadly). We have no doubt he has great culinary talents, but his Web bio mentioning his eclectic talents are what have us curious — curious enough to track down his MySpace page and Wikipedia entry, neither of which can be considered reliably authoritative.

But we did enjoy reading that he was the Male Foreign Performer of the Year in 2007 and appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Weʼre waiting for the inevitable Bone Appetit film.

Launch My Line could possibly be one of the worst ideas for reality TV. Taking designers and matching them with various professionals in other industries who are fashion wannabes sounds less like an intriguing high concept and more like an all-white jigsaw puzzle — whatʼs the point? But weʼre still jonesing for a decent Project Runway follow-up now that Lifetime has taken the life out of that show.

Hosted by creepy twin designers of DSquared — Dean and Dan Caten, pictured left — the teams try to thrive and survive on the runway whether they have natural chemistry or high tension. But at least we donʼt have to listen to Mizrahi utter bad tag lines. We do have to endure Patrick McDonaldʼs painted eyebrows, though. Ick.

And in the season finale, one of the Million Dollar Listing boys comes out officially. When he finds himself in an Adam Bouska No H8 campaign shoot and amidst shirtless boys, he realizes heʼs a gay man. Perhaps the bulge in his pants also helped him to that conclusion.

But hey, weʼll take another gay on Bravo any day.

— Rich Lopez

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 4, 2009.strategy games for macавто яндекс маркет