A whole bunch of people who hated almost everything President George W. Bush ever did will gather at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas on Nov. 30 to celebrate World AIDS Day.

Well, times have changed.

Trump makes Bush look like an elder statesman, and the one thing Bush did right was create the PEPFAR program — the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. More money was sent to Africa for AIDS relief under the Bush administration than was spent on AIDS during all three administrations just prior to his.

World AIDS Day in Dallas is presented by C.U.R.E., the Collin County-based AIDS agency. This year’s new Silver Sponsor is AIDS Services Dallas. ASD’s CEO is Don Maison who is especially excited about getting together with his old buddy George again, so they can yuk it up about the good ol’ days when we thought tearing up the Geneva Convention and starting a conventional war based on lies was bad, when no one even dreamed a nuclear war could be started with a tweet or the most important thing on a president’s mind was his ratings and how mean the press was being to him.

But this is about AIDS. And that’s all anyone will be thinking about when they’re visiting the Bush Liberry. The facility is located on the SMU campus just off the George W. Bush Expressway — really. That’s what that portion of Central Expressway is officially called.