UPDATE: A few hours after it mysteriously disappeared, transgender activist Monica Roberts’ award-winning blog, TransGriot is back online.

So far, Roberts said, she doesn’t know what happened to make it disappear (shortly after an article praising Roberts and the blog appeared on The Daily Beast) and, she said, Google/Blogger isn’t responding to her inquiries. Although, Roberts said, she has a theory.

Read her latest TransGriot post here.


Monica Roberts, award-winning author of TransGriot

Transgender activist and award-winning blogger Monica Roberts of Houston just announced on Facebook that her award-winning blog has been removed from Blogger.com.

“WTF Blogger? Where’s my blog?” Roberts posted, including a screen shot, shown above, of the message that comes up when you try to access TransGriot. Then, responding to a comment on her post, she added, “Just tried to sign into it a few moments ago….that screenshot was the message I got.”

I have not yet found a link to contact Blogger.com to complain, but I will keep looking. We need to find out what’s going on with Blogger and TransGriot.

— Tammye Nash