It’s not that unusual to find stories from somewhere in Texas under the “Odd News” heading on my Yahoo page. But this one caught my attention because it had a McKinney dateline, and I like to keep track of oddness happening that close to home.

It seems that a company called Lifetouch National School Studios Inc. is having to reprint all the 2007-2008 yearbooks for McKinney High School because some Lifetouch employee apparently got a little creative with the Photoshop.

The school had required that the yearbook company make all the heads the same size and all the eyes at the same level in the all the student photos — which the yearbook company rep said was an unusual request. But an unnamed employee suffered “an unfortunate lapse in judgment” and switched some heads onto different bodies, stretched some necks and even put one girl’s head and face on a naked body (the chest area was blurred out).

I wonder, did the guy — or girl — who made the alterations really think no one would notice?! Hell, I graduated from high school 30 years ago. But even I can remember how carefully we looked at each and every photo in the yearbook when it came out.

The spokesperson from Lifetouch wouldn’t say whether the responsible employee had been fired or reprimanded or whatever. But if it were my decision, I would make the chump stay there and work long enough to repay the cost of having all those yearbooks reprinted.siteпримеры контекстной рекламы