In Friday’s Voice we have a story about Youth First Texas’ decision to stage a Spring Formal this year instead of the traditional Gayla Prom — in part because a full-fledged prom simply would’ve been too expensive for the cash-strapped agency.

The story also talks about how YFT’er Rosie Roetto has used Twitter, an Amazon Wish List and her Adam Lambert fan club to help bring in basic supplies including ceiling tiles, food and office chairs.

When we tried to obtain a photo of Roetto to use alongside the story, she responded as follows:

“… Isn’t the story more about Youth First Texas and the people actually putting on the prom? I don’t feel like I did enough to warrant a picture. [YFT board chair] Chris Cognetta has a wonderful picture of the 35 amazon boxes piled high on the counter from the first delivery of donations from the Adam Lambert fans, but I don’t know how much your story is about that. It was a great picture.”

Although we disagree that Roetto’s work doesn’t warrant a photo, we did want to go ahead and share Cognetta’s (above), which he sent over on Thursday. We thought we’d also mention that you don’t have to be an Adam Lambert fan to help out YFT, which among other things was recently left off the beneficiary list for Black Tie Dinner. You can respond to YFT’s Amazon Wish List yourself by going here.