A company out in Hollywood, called “Start With a Laugh Productions,” is now offering a must-have service: Daily Drag Queen Affirmations.

Yes, for just $20 a year, you can get “a daily video of a man dressed-up as a lady delivering a humorous, life-affirming message,” according to the press release I just got.

Here is more: “Each of the 365 G-rated videos are professionally produced and edited featuring a cast of 27 L.A. based Drag Queens, including comedienne Jackie Beat, Willam Belli (Nip Tuck) and Mr. Dan, (Dragstrip 66).

‘Some are hysterical and some are sound advice. We’re first and foremost providing affirmations.’ says Alex Dorn, one of the co-founders of Start With A Laugh Productions, ‘People buy it as a gift or as a personal pick me up. It makes us happy to know that our clients are smiling and feeling better every day.'”

Who wouldn’t love to wake up to that kind of message each day?! Trust me, the little song that plays when you go to their site is almost worth the $20 all by itself. Maybe we should all pitch in and pay for subscriptions for folks like Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps and James Dobson at the American Family Association.

Here’s the link so you can check it out for yourself.стратегия раскрутки сайта