Ted Haggard
Ted Haggard

In case you missed it, disgraced pastor Ted Haggard was in town over the weekend, appearing at Calvary Church of Irving on Sunday and, according to his Twitter feed, spending the weekend with “good friends” in Southlake. Sherry Jacobson of The Dallas Morning News was also at Calvary Church, and she picked Haggard apart in this story from Monday’s edition. Jacobson wrote that while Haggard apologized Sunday for the scandal that ended his ministry in Colorado three years ago, he “didn’t really want to get into the ugly details” about gay prostitutes and methamphetamine use in front of the hundreds in attendance.

During a break between the two talk-show-style programs, Haggard said the half-hour-long discussions weren’t long enough to let him list his various wrongdoings.

“It’s just so available out there on the Internet,” he said. “If someone had asked me, ‘How many times have you used crystal meth?’ I would have answered.”

Asked what he would have answered, Haggard stopped short.

“I have covered every detail of that with my wife and with my counselor,” he replied.

Jacobson also apparently asked Haggard if he’s gay. In January, Haggard told Oprah that he’s “a heterosexual with issues,” but on Sunday he  told Jacobson he’s moved past that stage.

“I used to say that I’m a heterosexual with issues,” he said. “Now I say I’m a heterosexual with very few issues.”

This morning, I stumbled across Haggard’s Twitter feed, where it looks as though he’s taken to responding to his many critics. In response to “diegoblue,” who said simply, “Fuck you,” Haggard writes, “Uhhhhh, No thanks. I don’t do that. You’ll have to find someone else.”

“so you’re a bottom? yuck. now i know why you had to pay for it. i mean, i’d rather die than let you touch me,” diegoblue replied. “he doesn’t fuck men this week? i truly find him utterly disgusting in every way.”поддержка сайта москванаполнение сайта текстом