By Steve Warren Contributing Film Critic

With plenty of beefcake, snappy sequel keep the quips humming along

GAY? STRAIGHT? WHO CARES? The new hottie on campus, Troy (Marco Dapper, right), keeps everyone guessing.


Eating Out: Sloppy Seconds
Director: Phillip J. Bartell
Cast: Jim Verraros, Emily
Brooke Hands and Marco Dapper
Opens: Feb. 2 at Landmark’s Magnolia
1 hr. 25 min. Not rated.

Add “Eating Out 2” to the short list of sequels that surpass the originals not that we’re in “Godfather” or even “Alien” territory here. It’s just a queer sex farce with solid laughs.

Jim Verraros, who was fresh from “American Idol” when he made “Eating Out,” has apparently taken a few acting lessons since. He’s a lot easier to take as way-gay Kyle, who in the beginning is being dumped by Marc (Brett Chukerman). Marc has been “pre-cheating” on Kyle, a gay practice described as lining up prospective tricks as soon as a relationship starts going south.

Also returning from the first film are two women, Gwen (Emily Brooke Hands), who likes her men gay, and Tiffani (Rebekah Kochan), who wants to stop being a slut and find a boyfriend.

The funny opening scene, like something out of a bad gay porno, turns out to be Gwen’s fantasy, not that of the guy (Andrew Ley) who’s fucking her.

Troy (Marco Dapper), the new guy in town, is working as a nude model in the art class Kyle and the girls attend. The teacher is a flaming Dom DeLuise type who says he’s heterosexually married.

Troy looks like a cross between Freddie Prinze Jr. and the young Arnold Schwarzenegger. But what else he is remains a mystery.

“Do you think he’s gay?” Kyle asks, and Gwen replies, “Does Whitney want crack?”

Whatever he is, Troy says he doesn’t want to be gay. Gwen, matchmaker that she is, tells Troy that Kyle’s an ex-gay and Tiffani is Kyle’s girlfriend. Soon the guys are attending a meeting of “Coming In,” an ex-gay group led by Jacob (Scott Vickaryous). The meeting scene is hilarious: The ex-gay hypocrites cruise each other and find elements of each other’s stories of not being gay that turn them on especially when Violet (Jessie Gold), the token lesbian, tells how she ugh! sucked a guy’s cock. Octavio (Adrian Quinonez) is the group’s most willing backslider.

While Kyle’s working on getting Troy for himself or, if need be, in a three-way that includes Tiffany, Marc gets wise and starts his own campaign, offering to be Troy’s “workout buddy” without masking his ulterior motive. Gwen helps Marc too she’ll do anything to get any two guys together.

Believe it or not, the sexiest scene in the movie involves Kyle and Troy practicing cunnilingus on each other. Don’t ask just see it.

Mink Stole plays Kyle’s embarrassingly supportive mother, who’s even more embarrassing when she thinks she has a shot at being a grandmother.

Phillip J. Bartell takes over the writing and directing reins from Q. Allan Brocka and makes the sequel sexier and funnier. But it is what it is and high-minded types should probably seek out something more boring.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 2, 2007 заработок в партнерских программахоптимизации контекстной рекламы