We have children who need our help now

Posted on 18 Jul 2014 at 7:15am

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says the influx of children from Central America is a humanitarian crisis   DAVID TAFFET | Staff Writer “We have children who need our help now,” County Judge Clay Jenkins told Stonewall Democrats of Dallas this week, speaking at the group’s monthly meeting about the throngs of children coming into [...]

Robin Hood to the rescue

Posted on 18 Jul 2014 at 7:00am

Two Fort Worth animal enthusiasts set up a new business to benefit local nonprofits James Russell  |  Staff Writer Robin Hood has two passions: golf and animals. “But not necessarily in that order,” she said. While Hood grew up around animals, her passion for golf preceded her passion for dog rescue. It wasn’t until she [...]

Teed off by towing

Posted on 18 Jul 2014 at 6:45am

Carrollton couple confronts Denton towing company over receipt for towed car   James Russell  |  Staff Writer Carrollton resident Aaron Burrow took off from his job at a property management company on July 9 and rode with his partner, Michael Pharris, to pick up his car, which had been towed from his apartment complex parking [...]

Taylor made

Posted on 18 Jul 2014 at 6:30am

With his Oak Lawn pet boutique, Taylor Garrett wants to give every dog — and cat — its day   ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Executive Editor Taylor Garrett can’t get away from bow ties. The distinctive neckcessory became his signature sartorial statement when he was on The A-List Dallas, the Logo network reality show about [...]

Ohh, myyy!

Posted on 18 Jul 2014 at 6:15am

Out actor, icon and activist George Takei mixes social media savvy with a social message George Takei knows the power of a cat meme. Of all things, it’s the pussy that gave him a platform and set the stage for something more than just pervy postings and silly jests: gay activism. Best known as Sulu [...]

Boy to man

Posted on 18 Jul 2014 at 6:00am

A Texas filmmaker’s daring 12-year project, ‘Boyhood’ grows up ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Executive Editor If you’ve heard anything about Boyhood, you’ve probably heard that, while it’s not a documentary, it was filmed over a span of a dozen years, with the leading actor, Ellar Coltrane, growing in the role from ages 5 to 18. [...]

Your page BLOCKED

Posted on 11 Jul 2014 at 7:15am

Facebook’s ‘community standards’ rules are so vague, some in the LGBT community fear anti-gay mischief could chill free speech on social media ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Executive Editor Del Shores has made a living pissing people off, and he’s not about to stop now. But these days, it can be more of a challenge than [...]

Farewell, for now

Posted on 11 Jul 2014 at 7:00am

Joel Burns leaves for a year at Harvard, but promises to return   By Tammye Nash  |  Managing Editor A large crowd of family, friends and supporters packed into the lobby of the Moncrief Cancer Institute Wednesday evening to bid farewell — at least for awhile — to as-of-Thursday-former Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns. [...]

Spreading the Rainbow nationwide

Posted on 11 Jul 2014 at 6:45am

Local LGBT LULAC pitching in to help with migrant children and in forming new gay LULAC chapters   DAVID TAFFET | Staff Writer County Judge Clay Jenkins put Dallas front and center in the immigration debate when he offered to shelter 2,000 migrant children from Central America who have crossed the border illegally. “This is Texas, [...]

Matt, booming

Posted on 11 Jul 2014 at 6:30am

Singer-songwriter Matt Palmer gives pop its newest out artist Now that everyone from Adam Lambert to Sam Smith to Frank Ocean to Melissa Etheridge have come out, maybe it has become ho-hum to talk about openly gay pop artists. But when one of them is newcomer Matt Palmer, we decided there was room for another. [...]