PHOTOS: Wedding Party and Expo

Posted on 02 Aug 2015 at 3:53pm

Not to toot our own horn too loudly, but the Wedding Party and Expo that Dallas Voice sponsored Sunday at the Anatole Hotel was pretty much a smash. Dozens of vendors with more free cake and noshes than a sane person could eat (though I tried), with entertainment ranging from green-screen photos to aerialists to a fashion show and concert by the Turtle Creek Chorale made for a beautiful and fun event. I heard tons of positive comments, from the atmosphere to the layout to the diversity to the air conditioning. If you missed it, check out some of the photos from it below. It was almost enough to make confirmed-bachelor me wanna get hitched. Only almost, though.


Attorney General Ken Paxton indicted on three counts

Posted on 01 Aug 2015 at 3:50pm
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Attorney General Ken Paxton

Attorney General Ken Paxton has been indicted on three counts of securities fraud by a Collin County grand jury.

The indictment came down Tuesday, July 28, when it was first reported two special prosecutors and the Texas Rangers had presented evidence to the grand jury.

The evidence was sealed following the decision but will be unsealed on Monday, when Paxton is expected to turn himself in.

The New York Times reports the indictments include two first-degree charges of securities fraud and a third degree charge of failure to register with the state securities board. If found guilty, Paxton could spend between five and 99 years in jail.

The indictment comes after a year Paxton admitted he violated state securities law for failing to register with the state securities board before soliciting clients and investors for two companies while serving in the legislature, for which he paid a $1,000 fine.

He was elected as attorney general in 2014.


Local LGBT group organizes for Bernie

Posted on 31 Jul 2015 at 1:51pm

Sen. Bernie Sanders

About 25 people gathered at Resource Center on July 29 for a Bernie Sanders for President event. The local event was organized by members of the LGBT community, but attracted a mixed crowd.

At the same time, about 100,000 people participated in 3,500 similar events that took place in every state around the country.

Sanders broadcast a short speech live from a house meeting in Washington, D.C. He called this the largest online political organizing effort in history. So far, Sanders has received 325,000 contributions, more contributions from individuals than any other candidate.

He’s been attracting large crowds at events in different cities. His Dallas appearance several weeks ago attracted 7,000 people.

In his speech, he laid out his platform that includes making college tuition-free at public universities, creating a path toward citizenship for undocumented residents, raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid sick and vacation time to all workers. He spoke against mass incarceration and police brutality.

The event was to add volunteers to the campaign. More information is available on his website.


BREAKING: Owner of Hunky’s robbed in Kroger parking lot

Posted on 31 Jul 2015 at 11:11am

Hunky’s owner Rick Barton standing at his car after robbery (Joey Depriter/Dallas Voice)

Rick Barton, owner of Hunky’s went to the bank this morning (Friday, July 31), put the cash in a bank bag under the seat of his car and stopped at Kroger on Cedar Springs Road before returning to his restaurant.

When he returned to the car, his window was broken out and the money taken. At the time of the report, he was waiting for police to arrive to file a police report, according to Dallas Voice reporters Linda Depriter and Joey.

Barton said he must have been followed from his bank at Wycliff and Lemmon to Kroger.


When police arrived they looked at parking lot surveillance video taken by Kroger to see if cameras caught who broke into the car.

UPDATE: 12:44 p.m.


Two are arrested. Not clear whether this is connected to the earlier robbery in the Kroger parking lot across the street. (Stephen Mobley/Dallas Voice)

Dallas Voice reporter Stephen Mobley said two men are being detained by Dallas Police at the Valero gas station across the street from Kroger on Cedar Springs Road. He said seven police cars are at the station and two detectives are collecting evidence. He didn’t know whether the arrests are connected to Barton’s robbery earlier this morning.


Marriage equality leads to new marriage equality rulings

Posted on 31 Jul 2015 at 10:53am

Charles David Fancher, left, and Paul Hard. (Photo from Association of LGBT Issues in Counseling in Alabama)

Paul Hard filed one of the Alabama marriage equality lawsuits to force the state to recognize his marriage to Charles David Fancher. That case has now been resolved, according to Alabama Media Group.

Residents of Montgomery, Ala., Hard and Fancher were married in Massachusetts in 2011. Three months later, Fancher was killed in a car accident. Hard sued to get Alabama to recognize his marriage so he could pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

The family opposing Hard was represented by the Foundation for Moral Law headed by Kayla Moore, wife of Alabama state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Moore ordered Alabama county officials not to issue marriage licenses after the U.S. Supreme Court lifted a stay on a lower court ruling that declared the state’s marriage law unconstitutional. That put marriage on hold in the state until the final marriage equality ruling.

The Foundation for Moral Law argued Hard’s marriage should not be recognized retroactively and even if it was, Hard is not entitled to money that was awarded in the case and being held in escrow because the couple was only married three months.

The judge in the Hard case ruled his marriage must be recognized retroactively and is entitled to the full spouse’s share. Nowhere in case law has a marriage been considered less valid because a couple was only married a few months.

The judge was asked to stay his ruling but he refused.


PHOTOS: Old Parkland repurposed

Posted on 31 Jul 2015 at 9:15am

Earlier this week I visited the Old Parkland campus. The story is in this week’s Dallas Voice. Here are some additional pictures of the repurposed Old Parkland Hospital, now corporate headquarters for Crow Holdings and the federal-style office campus built in around it.


GLBT Chamber begins Welcome Everyone campaign

Posted on 30 Jul 2015 at 4:00pm

We Welcome Everyone copyThe GLBT Chamber of Commerce began a new campaign for businesses in reaction to businesses and even government employees claiming a right to discriminate against anyone.

“When it comes to business we believe in one simple mantra: Welcome Everyone,” the GLBT Chamber wrote on its website and are providing them free to businesses who request them through the Chamber’s Foundation to display on doors and windows.

From an email sent by the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce:

The “WE” stands for “Welcome Everyone” and conveys a powerful message of togetherness, unity, and solidarity. “Zone” ensures patrons and potential customers that they are in a safe space free of discrimination and prejudice.

Everyone deserves respect when purchasing products or acquiring services, and displaying an “LGBT WE Zone” sticker/sign at your location or venue will identify your business as a place that respects and values each and every customer.

As a Member/Partner of the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce we wanted you to be the first to know about this exciting new program designed to serve the our community. The LGBT WE Zone program provides local business owners a vehicle to show their support and participate in that movement. Clients are clients. Customers are customers. Everyone should be treated with equal dignity and respect.

To order, click here.


Six stabbed at Jerusalem Pride

Posted on 30 Jul 2015 at 2:42pm
Yishai Schlissel

Yishai Schlissel today, left, and in 2005 from Israeli TV via Twitter

At least six people were stabbed today at Jerusalem’s Pride parade. One woman is in critical condition.

The person accused is a heredi, or Orthodox, man who staged a similar attack at Jerusalem Pride in 2005. He was recently released from prison.

While Pride in secular Tel Aviv in June attracts about 200,000 people annually, Pride in more religious Jerusalem remains controversial. But thousands of people participated in this year’s march that had heavy police protection.

Police quickly wrestled the man down, according to a report in HaAretz.

The attacker was identified as Yishai Schlissel. His original sentence was for 12 years, but was reduced to 10 years on appeal.

In response to the stabbing of six people at the Jerusalem Pride Parade earlier today, Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, released the following statement:

We are horrified and saddened by the stabbing of six people at today’s Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade. Even more chilling is the news that the assailant was previously convicted of committing the same crime a decade ago. Participants in the Gay Pride Parade, a celebration of love and liberty, should never need to worry about being victims of a hate crime. Our sympathies and prayers are with those attacked, and we stand in solidarity with all in the Israeli LGBT community.  We call on Israeli law enforcement to ensure the perpetrator is never again allowed to cause harm and on policymakers to combat the troubling persistence of hate crimes.


Porn expo coming to the Kay Bailey Hutchison … and we’re shocked

Posted on 30 Jul 2015 at 1:18pm

ExxxoticaI rarely call it the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. But in this case I will. On Aug. 7-9, the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center hosts eXXXotica.

That’s a porn expo.

Not gay porn. Straight porn actresses, mostly.

Mayor Mike Rawlings is “deeply concerned,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

Of course he is. He has to say that.

I’m deeply concerned as well.

Dallas is a wholesome city where same-sex couples come to get married and raise our children. (Dallas Voice is even hosting its own Wedding Party and Expo this Sunday at the Anatole.) It’s not a city where we go with friends to  … gulp! … the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. So consider this a warning. We’re shocked — shocked, we tell you! — that something like this could take place in our fair city. Oh, and you can get tickets here.


Olinka Green, police brutality survivor, to speak at CoH Thursday

Posted on 29 Jul 2015 at 4:27pm

Local activist Olinka Green

Join Hope for Peace and justice for an evening talk with local organizer Olinka Green about police brutality 7-8:30 p.m. July 30 at the Interfaith Peace Chapel at Cathedral of Hope.

The 2013 Peacemaker of the Year, awarded annually by the Dallas Peace Center to a local activist, will share her personal experience at the hands of DART Police at April. According to the invite, she was initially charged with felony assault of an officer, but ultimately saw those charges dropped.

The event is free.