REVIEW: ’22 Jump Street’

Posted on 12 Jun 2014 at 4:09pm

22 Jump Street is an unexpectedly laugh-filled two hours of enjoyably wasted time.

Bottom gun: Gay military ‘Burning Blue’ too tame

Posted on 06 Jun 2014 at 7:55am

Burning Blue could be called “the gay Top Gun,” but since Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis were in the original, maybe “the out Top Gun” is more appropriate. Yes, it’s another story of love in the military. That it involves two male Navy pilots raises — but doesn’t answer — the question: Who’s top gun [...]

Ground war day

Posted on 06 Jun 2014 at 6:00am

Tom Cruise lives to die in sci-fi wargasm ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor This week marks the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, so I’m not quite sure the release of Edge of Tomorrow, a sci-fi wargasm starring Tom Cruise, is genius, fortuitous or just downright tacky. Possibly a combination. The events [...]

Gay TV

Posted on 30 May 2014 at 7:35am

Summer brings out gay Texas docs. Plus: Tyra goes trans and Cuthbert is ‘Happy’ again A new doctor show has come to television. Yes, yes, we know, there’s always a new doctor show coming to television. But The Night Shift, which premiered early this week on NBC, has a new wrinkle in its ongoing story [...]

That’s OUTertainment

Posted on 30 May 2014 at 6:30am

A host of out musicians, DJs and singers turn out to celebrate National Pride Month at Razzle Dazzle Dallas Everyone knows Dallas formally celebrates its Gay Pride with a parade, festival and all around communal atmosphere in September, but that doesn’t mean we overlook National Gay Pride Month, aka June, altogether. And that’s what Razzle [...]

REVIEW: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

Posted on 23 May 2014 at 6:35am

Everyone who dislikes time travel movies, stand up. … Is anyone left sitting? Dislike is perhaps the wrong term, it’s just that they seem so cheap, the sci-fi equivalent of the tearjerker. When a guiding principle of your story is that you can always start over and erase everything that came before it, and conceivably [...]

Crash of the Titans

Posted on 16 May 2014 at 6:25am

‘Godzilla,’ unexpectedly, is the best monster movie since ‘Jurassic Park’ ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor …………………………. 3.5 out of 5 stars GODZILLA Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston. Rated PG-13. 120 mins. Now playing in wide release. …………………………. Poor Aaron Taylor-Johnson — dude can’t catch a break. Sure, he appears to have been [...]

X marks the spot

Posted on 16 May 2014 at 5:00am

Newly out Ellen Page and gay-friendly Patrick Stewart on the film’s message X-Men: Days of Future Past goes to some pretty dark places, with some iconic comic book/movie heroes meeting gruesome ends within the first bombastic 10 minutes alone. How does one prepare for these sorts of scenes and tone? “Well, James McAvoy the other [...]

Up a wall

Posted on 02 May 2014 at 7:25am

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ puts ‘comic’ in ‘comic book movie’ … not in a good way   ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor Most of the films in the Marvel franchise — Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers — are, legitimately, “superhero movies.” That’s not really the case with The Amazing Spider-Man 2: It’s a “comic [...]

Hollywood flexes its muscles

Posted on 02 May 2014 at 6:30am

Summer movies fill the theaters with comedies and CGI. But will any of them be worth the price of admission?   ARNOLD WAYNE JONES  | Life+Style Editor Welcome to the summer of the himbo. Hollywood has long exploited the bodies of its female stars, from Marilyn and before, and on through Ursula Andress emerging from [...]