Broadway legend Elaine Stritch has died at 89

Stritch2It was just a few months ago that I got to interview Elaine Stritch, the Broadway legend whose irascible nature and coffee-stained voice made her a one-of-a-kind star. That was the second time I interviewed her, which I did for the documentary about her life that came out earlier this year. Both times were high-water marks in my career.

But I also got to do more than just talk to Elaine: I got to see her — onstage (in her acclaimed, Tony Award-winning one-woman show At Liberty and most recently on Broadway with Bernadette Peters in A Little Night Music) and once you’ve seen the old broad perform, your life is forever transformed.

She was a marvelous performer, a prickly human being and an unforgettable character … as well as a true friend of the gay community. The footlights are dimmer with her passing.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Turtle Creek Chorale unveils 2010-11 season

I just received the Turtle Creek Chorale’s new season called “A Little Night Music.” The poster after the jump pretty much explains itself, just skip that “click to subscribe” icon. Go here to do that.

—  Rich Lopez