Austin City Limits preview: Festival won’t be supergay this year, but it’s still worth the trip

If you’re venturing down for this year’s ACL fest, chances are you’ve mentally prepared for a lack of personal space over the next two days. The weather will eventually get too hot, the treks too long and there’s bound to be mud somewhere. And that makes the music fest all the more glorious.

The roster of players is always impressive with at least one band that should appeal to the finickiest of music lovers. But I got a little curious as to finding the gay angle to ACL, which really is just seeing who’s playing that also plays on the LGBT side of the fence. Plus, I hope you won’t mind just a couple of non-gay recommendations along the way.

Friday night — If you missed them Wednesday night, Vampire Weekend, below,  plays at 7 p.m. on the ZYNC Card stage. I feel like I’ve pointed to gay member Rostam Batmanglij a lot this past week, but really, the band’s live show has a reputation of greatness. I wouldn’t know. Although The Strokes don’t have any confirmed gay members, there was that gay porn incident.They play at 8 p.m. on the AMD stage.

—  Rich Lopez

The B-52s (to name a few) at Austin City Limits this weekend

I hear that, despite the rain and mud, Austin City Limits this past weekend was one hell of a festival. Although there were too many bands to single out, can anyone ever get tired of gay faves, The B-52s? Although you might get a little nauseous from this vid.

North Texas had some decent presence at ACL thanks to the likes of Toadies and Sarah Jaffe, who you should probably pay some attention to. She’s a local fave and her awesomeness is off the charts. She has a couple of gigs in New York but performs live back here Nov. 6 at the Granada. I’d highly recommend checking her out.компания продвижение сайтовоптимизация продвижение сайта поисковиках

—  Rich Lopez