Deaths • 02.10.12


Petrick Wade

Wade Petrik, 52, aka “Dixie Normous” of Dallas died peacefully at his home on Newton Avenue in Oak Lawn on Feb. 3, 2012.

Petrik was born Sept. 8, 1959 in Burlington, N.J., to Marianne and Bill Petrik. He grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas.

He loved his co-workers at Kroger on Cedar Springs, where Wade was a floor supervisor and an impromptu entertainer.

Blessed with an extraordinary sense of humor, Petrik always had an audience. Some may even remember his debuts at “The Does Your Mother Know Show.” He also worked the back door at the Round-Up Saloon, so if you tried to sneak in, he probably busted you.

Petrik is survived by his best friend, Rudy Leal; sisters, Dr. Trish Dodd, and Jessie Klein and her daughters; and a long list of wonderful friends in the gay community, who were truly family.

Services will be from 2 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11 at the Cathedral of Hope, 5910 Cedar Springs Road. Wade loved his furry friends, especially his beloved companion, Randy, so please make donations to your local animal rescue group.

—  Kevin Thomas

Gay-run Ranch Hand Rescue receives one of its most critical cases, seeks summer volunteers

Honey Boy

Honey Boy arrived at Ranch Hand Rescue on Thursday night. This Palomino-colored quarterhorse was starved and is quite sick.

“Although very sick he knows he is safe and loved,” said Ranch Hand Rescue president Bob Williams. “The next seven days are critical as we jump-start his digestive system and as we get test results back.”

Williams estimates Honey Boy is 28-30 years old. He has an eye injury and is probably blind in his right eye. He has hip and back issues, and his feet are in bad shape. He’s probably full of parasites and is being wormed. Because he is missing teeth, his food is being ground and soaked and he is being fed a small amount in regular intervals so that he won’t get sick from overeating. Williams said this is one of the most critical cases he has handled.

Ranch Hand Rescue, an LGBT-run farm animal rescue in Argyle, is looking for volunteers  for the summer. Willams said volunteers will learn how to bond with the animals, assisting with chores around the ranch, and brushing and bathing the horses.

Ranch Hand Rescue, a nonprofit, works with law enforcement and the courts to care for animals that have been seized. Ranch Hand is always looking for sponsors for rescued animals and has a wish list of needed items on its website.

The organization has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. The Today Show wanted to fly Midnight to New York to appear on the show. Midnight is the horse that was fitted with a prosthetic foot last year. Williams said he wasn’t sure the horse could handle the trip.

Next week Animal Planet will be at the ranch filming. Williams said he’d let us know when the episode airs.

—  David Taffet