SEE: Actor Elias Taylorson transforms himself into the Presidential candidates

Well, it’s Election Day. You’re probably trying to decide between voting for Obama or Romney (though I suspect most of you have already decided pretty easily). But to be fair, you don’t need to vote for either — you could  just vote for Elias Taylorson.

Taylorson is a local actor and theater entrepreneur who, even since he was confined to home temporarily following a childhood head injury, has entertained himself by playing dress-up in the mirror. (Well, he is an actor.) As a kid, it was cottonball wigs, flesh-toned Band-Aids to create saggy eyes and eye-pencil moustaches … plus plenty of mugging for the camera. Over the years, he says, he has continued to mug, but the process has become more formalized.

“The technique is just makeup and hair pieces — I don’t rely on Photoshop face morphing,” he explains. “I take the photo myself standing in front of my bathroom mirror.”

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Stonewall Dems to host watch party for 1st presidential debate at Pekers


Rob Schlein, president of Metroplex Republicans, says he believes Romney will win the debate because Obama is not prepared.

The first debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney — which some are calling a make or break moment for the GOP nominee — is Wednesday night in Denver. And the focus of the 90-minute affair will be domestic policy, meaning there’s a decent chance moderator Jim Lehrer will ask a question about marriage equality or some other LGBT issue. Either way, local gay Democrats plan to gather at Pekers on Oak Lawn Avenue for a watch party. From the Facebook page:

FREE EVENT — You know you’re going to watch the Debate between Pres. Barack Obama and that other guy… so why not enjoy it with other progressives and help us cheer President Obama FORWARD!

The watch party will be at Pecker’s 2615 Oak Lawn Dallas, TX 75219. The debate begins at 8CST. We will have some Obama merchandise for donations and a great time will be had by all!

For more questions please contact

On the gay GOP side, Metroplex Republicans President Rob Schlein said he’s planning to watch the debate at home. Thomas Purdy, president of Log Cabin Republicans Dallas, couldn’t immediately be reached.

“Do I think it’s make or break? I think [Romney is] going to do just fine, and I think it’ll help him a lot,” Schlein told Instant Tea on Monday. “I don’t think Obama’s prepared. He has not done his debate prep, because he thinks he’s all that.”

Sounds like it’s on.

—  John Wright

Creep of the Week: Crackpot author Jerome Corsi says Obama is gay

President Barack Obama

By D’Anne Witkowski

Have you heard the news about Obama? He’s gay. A total homo closeted to the extreme who spent an awful lot of time at Chicago gay clubs and bath houses. Brave “author” Jerome Corsi, known for books such as Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate? and Obama Nation (get it? Abomination?), took to the pages of World Net Daily to expose Obama’s secret gay life.

And how does Corsi know about Homobama? Because he’s been doing some super-sleuthing. “This is something I’ve accumulated a great deal of evidence on,” Jerome Corsi says in an August video. “The evidence, I think, is very strong.”

Evidence includes a photo of Obama sitting next to his college roommate on a couch. He “seems to be sitting about on the guy’s lap,” says Corsi. “I’ve not seen a lot of roommate pictures where two guys are that chummy.” The photo in question shows Obama sitting kind of close to a skinny dude, though they aren’t touching. On the other side of the couch, next to Obama, is a bunch of stuff, which helps to explain why the two men are sitting where they are. Corsi also points out that this same roommate was Pakistani and that Obama went to Pakistan with him. Because Pakistan is such a gay vacation hot spot.

And then there are the photos of Obama wearing a band on his ring finger long before he was married to Michelle. “He’s not married as far as we know, unless this is a love affair with his Pakistani male roommate,” Corsi says. In fact, he ruminates on the Ring of Gay Mystery for an entire 13-minute video. “Was he married to a guy, I mean, what’s the deal?” asks Corsi. He calls these “legitimate questions” that people have a right to know the answer to.

One of Corsi’s “sources” is Kevin DuJan, founder and editor of, which has an entire page detailing a long and lurid conspiracy theory about Obama’s homosexuality and the lengths he’s gone to cover it up.

DuJan claims that Obama will go so far as to have you killed if you’ve ever slept with him and might talk. He then points to the tragic death of Alex Okrent, a 29-year-old Obama campaign staffer who died after collapsing in a campaign office. According to DuJan, Obama must have offed him and they must have been gay lovers.

Oh, and remember how earlier this month the big burly pizza shop owner gave Obama a bear hug? DuJan says this is more proof that Obama is light in the loafers. “I don’t think Van Duzer is gay, but Obama sure is for allowing this big ‘bear’ to hug him,” writes DuJan.

With sources like DuJan, how could Corsi possibly be wrong?

Lest you think Corsi’s “investigation” has nefarious purposes, Corsi insists, “The issue is, again, not an issue that we want to raise in terms of criticizing the homosexuality or the bisexuality or whatever Obama’s true inclination are. The issue is why does he have to lie about this, too? And why is Obama if he wants to go out and proclaim same-sex marriage, he wants to proclaim that all of this is great for everybody except he has to lie about himself?”

See? Corsi clearly just wants to help the president to come out of the closet. What a nice guy.

Corsi then, displaying a complete lack of irony, declares that this whole thing is an issue of “truthfulness.” Ha ha ha hoo. Stop, my sides.

—  John Wright

President Obama to attend LGBT Leadership Council fundraiser in Austin on Tuesday

President Barack Obama will visit Texas for a few fundraisers Tuesday including one in Austin hosted by the LGBT Leadership Council.

The only Texas stop on the Obama Victory Tour 2012, Obama will be in Austin briefly at 3 p.m. Tuesday for a meet and greet at the Austin Music Hall. Musical guest Jerry Jeff Walker will perform and guests can take photos with Obama for $5,000 for individuals and $7,500 for couples.

Before Obama rolls into Austin, he will attend an event in Washington, D.C., as well as two fundraisers in San Antonio, one at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center with an estimated 1,000 in attendance. The other fundraiser will be hosted by lawyer Mikal Watts.

Jeff Strater of Dallas told Instant Tea that several members of Dallas’ LGBT community plan on attending the Austin event and have raised about $50,000 for the event so far.

The events are expected to garner around $2 million for the campaign, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

Tickets for the Austin event start at $250 and can be purchased here. Pre-registration can be done until 2 p.m. Monday at Travis County Coordinated Campaign, at 2406 Manor Road in Austin. Those who pre-register can avoid registration Tuesday and proceed through security.

Before leaving Texas, Obama will attend a private fundraiser in Austin hosted by former Dell Inc. finance chief Tom Meredith.

—  Dallasvoice

Equality Texas to honor allies

Adair Lion

Kaylee Anne Keith

Wrangle out that over-sized belt buckle, your 10-gallon hat and brush up on those two-stepping skills. Equality Texas, the LGBT advocacy group, will host its first-ever Texas-themed Ally Awards on Friday at the Vendome on Turtle Creek Boulevard. This year’s honoree recipients are: J.C. Penney for Business of the Year, rapper/singer/producer Adair Lion and Miss West Texas Kaylee Anne Keith for Individuals of the Year; and President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for Civic Leaders of the Year.

Dennis Coleman, executive director for Equality Texas, said the idea for an ally awards benefit was created after seeing the success of  Equality Utah and Equality Colorado’s Ally Awards banquets. The winners were chosen from an online poll earlier this year. “We cannot do this on our own word. We need our allies. They have been important for the fight for equality,” said Coleman. “We are hoping this becomes a catalyst for larger things to come, like our friends in Colorado.”

In May, J.C. Penney published an ad featuring a lesbian couple in their Mother’s Day circulation, and recently another ad featuring Dallas gay couple Cooper Smith and Todd Koch and their two children. J.C. Penney received a lot of backlash, specifically from the group One Million Moms, but has stood by its decision to represent diverse families.

—  admin

‘Gay Republican from Dallas’ featured in the HuffPo says he’s not really a gay Republican

President Barack Obama

Last Friday the Huffington Post published this piece about the question of whether President Barack Obama’s decision to come out for same-sex marriage will have any impact on gay Republican voters this November. Although this is a no-brainer when it comes to die-hards like Rob Schlein, it turns out some gay GOPers were indeed swayed by the president’s historic decision. And one of them, according to the HuffPo, was Bill Jones, “a 45-year-old gay Republican from Dallas” who’s considering voting for a Democrat for president for the first time in his life.

“It stopped me dead in my tracks because it removed the one rationalization I always had,” Jones told the HuffPo of Obama’s announcement. “… I used to be very good at compartmentalizing. But it does make a difference now that Obama has said what he’s said. I can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.”

On Monday we caught up with Jones to learn more. He said it all began when was listening to Michalangelo Signorile’s Sirius OutQ radio show about the topic last Thursday, and he called in on a whim from his car. (Signorile is an editor for HuffPo.) Jones never made it on the air as he had to hang up to go to an appointment. But the producer passed on his name and number to the HuffPo’s reporter, who called him the next day.

Jones said his only issue with the HuffPo piece is that it makes it sound like he’s still a Republican. Although there is no such thing as an official party affiliation in Texas, Jones said his personal shift away from the GOP began several years ago. While Obama’s announcement may have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” his switch was “a long time coming,” Jones said.

“I wouldn’t consider myself Republican anymore,” Jones said. “The funny thing is that most of my friends don’t even know that I used to be conservative. A lot of my current friends, I don’t necessarily want to know that. It made it seem like I was still that way, and I’m really not. … I just don’t want to look like a crazy fool to friends.”

Jones asked us not to repost the photo of him and Dan Quayle that’s featured alongside the Huff Po story — or any photo of him for that matter — in part because some of the comments below the article were “really hateful.” But despite his concerns about being outed as an ex-gay-Republican to friends, Jones said he think’s the HuffPo story addresses an important topic. In addition to Obama’s announcement, he pointed to a gay soldier being booed during a Republican Primary debate last year — and none of the candidates on stage intervening — as a key step in his evolution.

“As I’ve gotten older, and more established with my partner, you kind of start to resent the fact that you can’t be like the other couples that you’re associating with,” Jones said. “I think it’s important for the conversation to happen, because I think other conservatives or people who lean that way, need to start putting this [gay rights] as a higher priority. I think it’s important to put it out there for discussion.”


—  John Wright

Elected officials, newspapers in Texas largely silent on Obama’s support for marriage equality

Not surprisingly, we haven’t heard a whole hell of a lot from elected officials in Texas about President Barack Obama’s decision to come out in support of marriage equality.

That may be because some Texas Republicans are reluctant to slam the president too hard given how quickly public opinion is changing on this issue, while some Democrats may be reluctant to lavish too much praise because, after all, it is still Texas.

But you can always count on State Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, to speak up anytime we cross a significant milestone in the fight for full LGBT equality. Coleman, a staunch LGBT ally who happens to be facing an openly gay challenger in the Democratic Primary, sent out the below statement in an email on Friday, along with an image of the brilliant editorial cartoon by the Houston Chronicle’s Nick Anderson that I’ve posted above. (On a side note, it doesn’t appear as though the Chronicle has actually published an editorial in support of Obama’s announcement. The San Angelo Standard Times did so over the weekend, but I’m not aware of any other newspapers in Texas that have, including both The Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Which is shameful.)

Anyhow, here’s what Coleman had to say in his email:

Like so many others over the years, President Obama has finally come to realize that there is no “separate but equal” when it comes to marriage rights. Civil Unions that grant equal rights are simply not good enough. Marriage is a special bond that for far too long this country has withheld from gays and lesbians. I, and many others, have been fighting for marriage equality for years, and now we have the President on our side.

We still do not have marriage equality in Texas, but the tide is turning. It is only a matter of time now before we are all treated equally under the eyes of the law. This is a civil rights issue, and Reverend Al Sharpton said it best: “We cannot be selective with civil rights. We must support civil rights for everybody or we don’t support them for anyone.”

—  John Wright

BREAKING: Obama backs marriage equality

In a historic breakthrough for LGBT equality, President Barack Obama today came out in support of same-sex marriage during an exclusive interview with ABC News. Here’s what Obama said:

“I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

Here’s the video:

video platform video management video solutions video player

We’ve posted a full story here.

And below are some of the initial reactions to Obama’s announcement:

—  John Wright

NYT allows Republican to twist debate over nondiscrimination for federal contractors

Linda Chavez

The New York Times ran an editorial today by Linda Chavez, a Reagan White House adviser. In it, she praised President Barack Obama for not signing an executive order that would prevent employment discrimination by federal contractors.

With the Employment Non-Discriminiation Act stalled in Congress, LGBT rights leaders have been pressing the White House to issue an executive order that would require federal contractors to have nondiscrimination policies that include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Chavez misrepresents the executive order. She wrote:

When it comes to granting gays special preference, however, such as in the awarding of government contracts, most people draw the line.

Gays would not be granted preference. The executive order LGBT organizations want Obama to sign is about companies having nondiscrimination policies. It is not about the federal government adding quotas or requiring a certain number of contracts be written with LGBT companies.

She continues:

Anyone who has studied the issue of racial, ethnic and gender preferences in government contracting knows that such executive orders go far beyond simple nondiscrimination. Their purpose is to encourage preferences for certain underrepresented groups.

And concludes with this piece that sums up her totally irrelevant editorial:

There is little evidence that gays are being denied the right to compete fairly for government contracts now — and no reason to give them special preference.

No one has suggested anything like this. No one in the LGBT community wants the billion dollars of federal money that has gone to Exxon in the past few years to go to a gay-owned oil company. The LGBT community simply wants Exxon to stop discriminating against its own employees.

The Washington Post got it right on the executive order. Fox News simply ignored the issue. Does the New York Times suddenly feel the need to be so “fair and balanced” that it allows its editorial writers to lie?

—  David Taffet

Annise Parker says Mike Rawlings ‘will eventually come around’ on same-sex marriage pledge

Mayor Annise Parker

But Houston mayor says she’d be ‘shocked’ if Obama evolves on marriage equality before November

During her opening remarks at the third annual Haas LGBT Journalists convention in Houston this past Friday, openly lesbian Mayor Annise Parker said that when President Barack Obama called to congratulate her on her successful mayoral bid in 2009, Parker was in an interview with her phone on silent and let his go to voicemail.

“You would think that the president of the United States would have somebody that could call ahead and say, ‘The President’s gonna call you — answer the damned phone!’” Parker told the crowd of journalists. “But no. But it did make for a nice souvenir for about a week until I accidentally erased it.”

She then went on to take “no-holds-barred” questions from the journalists about reproductive rights, conservative Christians, marrying her partner and whether the Democratic party will support marriage equality in the 2012 election. We snagged her best quotes for you below:

—  Daniel Villarreal