News: William Daley, Turkey, Andromeda, Joe Biden, Halifax

Road First elected transgender trial judge Vicky Kolakowski sworn in.

RoadHeritage Foundation and Media Research Center join boycott of CPAC over GOProud.

Daley RoadIs Obama's new Chief of Staff William Daley bad for gay rights?

RoadGuess who Yoko Ono has given her blessing to play John Lennon and sing his songs?

RoadMinnesota Family Council to hold marriage amendment course for lawmakers: "When state legislators checked their office mailboxes Wednesday, they found an invitation to attend a Minnesota Family and Marriage Summit featuring a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as a hate group. The summit, to be held next week, is organized by the Minnesota Family Council and the Family Research Council and will teach legislators how to pass a constitutional amendment banning rights for same-sex couples."

RoadThe Social Network getting January 11 re-release.

RoadJoe Biden to little girls: "No dates until you're 30."

RoadIf DJ Pauly D says that Britney Spears' new album is amazing, then it must be, right?

Argentina RoadTrans man rocks Big Brother Argentina with confession.

RoadTurkish court orders LGBT organization to close.

RoadTwo Republicans violated the constitution the day it was read: "The Republicans, incumbent Pete Sessions of Texas and freshman Mike Fitzpatrick, missed the swearing in because they were at a fundraiser in the Capitol Visitors Center. The pair watched the swearing-in on television from the Capitol Visitors Center with their hands raised."

RoadNew Andrew Christian underwear comes with 'penis' included.

RoadRobbers targeting gay men in chat rooms in Halifax, Nova Scotia: "The first case involved a 35-year-old man who picked up another man he met online. Officers say the men drove to Point Pleasant Park on Sunday and were surrounded by two others, who threatened the victim and demanded money. The second robbery occurred Thursday when a 29-year-old man picked up a man on Spring Garden Road whom he had met online and drove to the south end of Halifax."

RoadMen's Health should put shirtless Sean Faris on its cover more often.

Andromeda RoadAmateur astronomer photographs Andromeda Galaxy from his own backyard.

RoadBill O'Reilly lands pre-SuperBowl interview with Obama: "This will mark only the second time that Obama has sat down with Fox News — his first was last year with Bret Baier. But its the first time that Obama will participate with Mr O’Reilly as a sitting president (though O’Reilly did interview Obama in the later stages of his presidential candidacy.)"

RoadFernando Verdasco for Head and Shoulders.

RoadMaryland on the verge of marriage equality: "…the debate at this point boils down to whether lawmakers want gay Maryland residents to spend their wedding budgets at home or in the District."

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Biden says gay marriage is ‘inevitable’

Okay that’s interesting, coming from the Vice President of the United States. Though Biden is known for saying things he shouldn’t, so to some degree, this may be written off as “there goes that crazy Biden.” It’s an interesting question as to whether this is part of some strategy by the White House, i.e., was this intentional. I suspect it is. It’s too coincidental, happening in the middle of a White House charm offensive to the gay community (e.g., making a big deal out of signing the DADT law by having a huge signing ceremony, inviting all sorts of White House critics to the signing, finally inviting Advocate reporter Kerry Eleveld for a sit down interview with Obama (she’s been asking for two years). And, yesterday there were more reports of bad comments from Obama on marriage. And, the comments led the Washington Post’s Perry Bacon to write a big story about marriage and Obama today.

All of that happening right before Biden makes some good comments? Not a coincidence.

Now, will it work? It’s helpful for Biden to make such positive comments. But at the same time, Biden didn’t say he was in favor of marriage equality.

If a segregationist in the 1950s were to suggest that racial equality was inevitable, but he still did not come out in favor of such equality, would we hail that comment? Perhaps. And perhaps it would be a step forward. But in the end, the segregationist’s bottom line would still be to oppose equality.

Biden is far from a segregationist. But he’s still wrapping his opposition to our civil rights in sweet language. All I’m saying is that I’d rather have him ditch the sweetness and simply give us his support, and the President’s.


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Joe Biden: Gay Marriage Is Inevitable

During an appearance on the Today Show, this morning Vice President Joe Biden said that he agreed with the president’s “evolving” position on gay marriage and that a “national consensus” on the issue is inevitable.

“I think the country’s evolving,” he said. “And I think you’re going to see, you know, the next effort is probably going to be to deal with so called DOMA [Defence of Marriage Act].” DOMA prohibits federal government from recognising gay marriage, meaning that even if states allow the practice, gay couples still cannot access federal benefits. Mr Biden added that attitudes had changed to openly gay soldiers and that consensus was beginning to turn in favour of gay marriage. He said that gay troops were now “widely accepted” and “the same thing is happening now in regard to the issue of marriage.”

Joe. My. God.

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Progressives Bite Back At ‘Condescending’ Obama, Biden


President Obama and Vice President Biden have done a great job alienating their progressive supporters.

First Biden told upset constituents to "buck up" and "stop whining," then the President described Democrat's electoral "apathy" as "irresponsible."

"It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election," said the President in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Well, now progressives have started responding to the White House, and in no uncertain terms.

“I think it is a remarkably condescending message,” said Progressive Congress Action Fund executive director Darcy Burner. "The fact that [Progressives] are frustrated and discouraged has as much to do with the rhetoric coming out of the White House as anything else. And this is the latest example of that.”

Burner also pointed specifically at Obama's broken promise on health care reform's public option: "Here we have a president who over and over again said that a public option was going to be a key part of the health care plan — who then, it turns out, cut a deal to get rid of the public option."

Jim Dean, who heads the progressive group Democracy for America, also lamented the Administration's stance, which he finds more puzzling and misleading than anything else: "I’m not sure who’s being addressed here because I find that progressives — although frustrated — are working on campaigns. I know there’s a narrative out there about the enthusiasm gap, but especially for those who worked for Obama to get elected, I don’t think he’s addressing the right group.”

Burner concluded on this note, "The least he could do is acknowledge that progressives have legitimate concerns. Instead he's condescending. It's not helpful."

Obama and Biden's respective, yet similar, message are indeed "not helpful," because they're turning off an entire voting bloc just as the gap between Republican and Democratic Congressional candidates appears to be shrinking

Image via SEIU's Flickr.

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Watch: Rachel Maddow Grills VP Joe Biden on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’


Last night, Rachel Maddow interviewed Vice President Joe Biden about whether he's going to use his experience in the U.S. Senate to help push the 'DADT' repeal bill through this week. Biden insists the votes are there, and discusses why there has not been a halt placed on the discharges while the process is underway.


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Biden on Maddow: VP blames politics for WH inability to stop DADT discharges before full repeal

The VP was on The Rachel Maddow Show Wed. night and seemed confident the DefAuth bill was going to pass the Senate and start the DADT repeal process. At least Biden has the stones to flat out say that the current discharges of qualified, trained and ready gay and lesbian service members is due to politics. Via Igor at The Wonk Room, the transcript:

MADDOW: In terms of the timing of that, if that goes as you say it’s possible that it could go. If that repeal happens, the timing is that the Defense Department is studying the issue through December. They’ve got another, I think, 60 days or something that they- after which they would have to delay any repeal process. So, we’d be looking at, best-case scenario for repeal, would be sometime in the spring. With the policy under such intense scrutiny, that study underway at the Defense Department, progress being made both in the courts and politically, why not suspend the discharges of people under the policy now, pending that Defense Department review? Why keep kicking people out now while all of this movement is happening towards ending the policy?

BIDEN: Because that is the compromise we basically had to make to get the votes to finally repeal it. In other words, everybody’s looking for, in my view, if I could just wave a wand, it would just be flat repeal. No one else would be able to suspend it. And everyone who was suspended would be able to come back if they wanted to. But the truth of the matter is, we had to build a consensus for this. Working very hard on the telephone. Calling people. And everybody’s looking forward to the orderly elimination of this law. I would prefer it not be orderly. I prefer it just end, boom, done. But that’s why that hasn’t happened. It’s resulted in us getting over 55 votes, I think we’ll get 55 vote, to flat repeal it.

Surf over to see the video.
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