Gay McDonald's ad – the American version?

Last week, I blogged about this cute McDonald’s ad from France with the gay teenager and his clueless Dad.

Then a couple of days later, John Wright blogged about Bill O’Reilly’s comments on the ad, and since then the ad has become more talked about and discussed and praised and reviled. I was a bit surprised by all the hoopla (well, not by O’Reilly’s comments, since I have never expected to hear anything remotely resembling sensible from him), because I thought the commercial was cute but not all that groundbreaking. I mean, it certainly doesn’t reach the level of the Sir Vaughn’s Sunglasses ad Arnold Jones blogged about!

Anyway, today I found this video on YouTube parodying the French commercial. So I thought I would share:

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What's Brewing 6/4/10: Family Research Council, Bill O'Reilly, Miley Cyrus

1. Joe.My.God. has obtained a financial report showing that the Family Research Council paid $25,000 to lobby members of Congress to oppose a resolution denouncing Uganda’s plan to execute homosexuals. In other words, the Family Research Council actively supports the death penalty for LGBT people. In other words, they don’t just hate us, they’re literally trying to kill us.

2. Remember that gay McDonald’s ad from France we posted here the other day? Well Fox News host Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like it. In fact, he says if there’s going to be a gay McDonald’s ad, there should also be one that features al-Qaeda. Wait a second, doesn’t he mean that other terrorist group, the Family Research Council?

3. OMG, Miley Cyrus totally pretended to, like, kiss a girl on stage last night!!! (It’s at the 1:08 mark in the above video.)vzlomshark.comбиржи в украине копирайтинг

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Sarah Palin's new gig

Sarah Palin: Back to her roots
Sarah Palin: Back to her roots

I have never watched “The O’Reilly Factor,” and I avoid Fox News programs in general. All Fox News does for me is raise my blood pressure, and it’s already too high.

Now comes news that definitely cements my stance on the issue: Former Alaska Governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the newest commentator on “The O’Reilly Factor.” She makes her debut tonight.

Here’s what AP had to say about it: “Fox News Channel says that the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate will ‘sit down with Bill to take on America’s top issues.'”

The multiyear deal takes Palin “back to her broadcast roots,” AP notes, pointing out that Palin majored in journalism with an emphasis on broadcasting at the University of Iowa, and that she worked parttime as a sportscaster for a TV station in Anchorage back in 1988.

At least we know the Fox News Channel isn’t in any danger of raising its cumulative IQ any time soon.копирайтер фрилансуправление репутацией компании в интернете

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