What’s Shakin’ – People Empowering People happy hour, Chaz Bono takes on the National Enquirer

1. People Empowering People is a collaboration between The Men’s Group, a social group for African-American gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men, and TMG One Voice, The Men’s Group’s co-ed counterpart.  PEP’s monthly happy hour tonight at F Bar (202 Tuam) provides a casual social setting open to all regardless of ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression and an opportunity to mix and mingle with the fabulous men and women of both organizations.  The festivities kick off at 6 pm.

2. Joe My God has a copy of the Cease and Desist letter sent by lawyers for Chaz Bono to the National Enquirer. Seems the tabloid ran a story in this week’s issue claiming that Bono’s gender transition has shortened his life expectancy to 4 years.  The Enquirer article quotes the opinion of Dr. Patrick Wanis, identified as a medical doctor specializing in transgender health issues.  The problem?  According to Bono’s lawyers not only is Wanis not an expert on trans health issues, he’s not a medical doctor.

3. Today is the last day to early vote in the Houston Municipal election, but if you miss this opportunity you can still cast your ballot at your precinct voting location on Nov 8. A list of all early voting locations and sample ballots  are available at harrisvotes.org.

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Cher And David Letterman Discuss Her Son Chaz Bono’s Transition

They both stumbled repeatedly over their pronouns, but last night Cher and David Letterman had a frank discussion about Chaz’s transition and what the difference is between being gay and being transgender. Cher’s loving support is amply evident and Letterman’s questions and comments show that perhaps he learned something after being widely criticized for an anti-trans skit early this year. Let’s hope the language police aren’t too hard on either of them for their his/her missteps. Context, and all that. The bit about Chaz begins at 12:30 in the first clip and continues through the second. (Note that these clips are not from CBS and may disappear from YouTube.)

Joe. My. God.

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