Twisted Root debuts “porn” dog

OK, July is National Hot Dog Month — not such a surprise, since Independence Day is in July, and that has to be the biggest day for picnics every year. So it makes sense that the folks over at Twisted Root Burger Co. would come up with a signature dog for the month.

What caught us a little off-guard — and mind you, the Twisted Root guys have always been kinda edgy, with their “Sofa King” campaign (food that’s Sofa King good … go ahead, we’ll wait) — is what they called their 12-inch specialty wiener: The Dirk Diggler Dog.

Sound familiar? Dirk Diggler was the porn name of the character played by Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights, a man with a prominent trouser snake that would rival TR’s frank … though, we assume, with less bacon and no bun. And like Dirk, it doesn’t sound like it’s good for you: A footlong chili Cheez Whiz dog with beer sauteed onions, jalapenos and bacon bits on a poppyseed bun. We’d add mayo on the end … you know, just to complete the picture.


—  Arnold Wayne Jones