Razzle dazzle ’em with cake

IMG_0379Gym rats may have to lighten up on their carb restrictions. Once they taste Virginia Tidwell’s offering of Razzle Dazzle cupcakes, they might just go into sugar shock.

“I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen baking and I thought this would be a nice offering,” she says.
Her company, Mostly Cupcakes, has introduced a special edition cupcake to celebrate this year’s return of Razzle Dazzle.

Tidwell’s rainbow buttercream frosted cuppies come in flavors such as root beer float, banana split and cherry limeade along with the usual. Then they are topped with a white chocolate Pegasus wing.
The cupcakes can be ordered now for $36 a dozen standard size or two dozen minis.
— Rich Lopez

To order call 214-718-58714 or email

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 27, 2011.

—  Kevin Thomas

Protecting the sanctity of buttercream and dragées

201009241354Have you heard the one about the pastry chef who wouldn’t add rainbow colors to his dainty little creations because he finds the hues too gay? It’s not a joke: That seems to have totally happened in Indianapolis, IN:

Indianapolis Bakery Won’t Make Rainbow Cupcakes, Citing ‘Values’ [TWO]

Speaking to a local news reporter, co-owner David Stockton cited “values” and his “two young impressionable daughters” as reasons why he’d be reluctant to whip up such vibrant confections. Which is weird, because it’s actually gluttony that’s actually the big ticket sin — whose “agenda” is really threatening Christian “values” here?

And besides — cupcakes?! If a cupcake can’t go pride colored, what can?! It’s like a quiche maker saying his creations can’t be served at gay brunch!


**SEE ALSO: The local Fox affiliate’s report:

Good As You

—  John Wright