Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD ignores bigoted Mayor Timothy O’Hare, allows GSA at R.L. Turner

Timothy O’Hare

Last week we told you how bigoted Farmers Branch Mayor Timothy O’Hare had used his Twitter account to rail against the formation of a Gay Straight Alliance at R.L. Turner High School in Carrollton. We also mentioned that we’d heard rumors that the GSA at R.L. Turner had not been allowed to meet.

But Angela Shelley, a spokeswoman for the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, told us today that those rumors are completely false. Shelley said the GSA was allowed to form at R.L. Turner and has already met three times. She also said it wasn’t the district’s first GSA; there’s one at Creekview High School.

“By policy and actually by federal law, we can’t keep groups from meeting,” Shelley told Instant Tea. “We do not want to be Flour Bluff ISD [the district in Corpus Christi that recently denied a GSA]. The GSA met all the requirements, they have a great mission and a constitution, and they’re an active group.”

O’Hare, on Twitter, had called on parents and students in the district to do something to stop the GSA, but Shelley said she hasn’t heard of any opposition to the club. In fact, she said three people spoke in favor of allowing the GSA at a school board meeting last week.

O’Hare wants Farmers Branch to secede from the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD and form its own school district, an issue that voters will decide in the May election. So we’re pretty sure he was just trying to use the GSA as ammo against the Carrollton Farmers-Branch ISD. But apparently it isn’t working, so we guess now he’ll go back to bashing immigrants.

—  John Wright

What’s Brewing: Farmers Branch Mayor Timothy O’Hare rails against Gay Straight Alliance

Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. Farmers Branch Mayor Timothy O’Hare, best known for his efforts to crack down on immigrants, recently used his Twitter account to rail against the formation of a Gay Straight Alliance at R.L. Turner High School in Carrollton (screen grabs above). O’Hare wrote on Twitter on March 23 that the GSA “promotes homosexuality and transgender lifestyles … to our children.” Then he asked children and parents in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, “what do you plan to do about it?” In addition to his immigration crackdowns, O’Hare has led a controversial campaign for Farmers Branch to start its own school district and secede from the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, a proposal that will appear on the ballot in May. O’Hare is not seeking re-election. It’s unclear whether the GSA at R.L. Turner has been allowed to meet. Stay tuned to Instant Tea for more on this story.

2. A judge in California has ruled that Target can’t stop a grassroots group from circulating petitions in support of marriage equality outside its stores, according to the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. Last Month the retail giant sought an injunction against Canvass for a Cause, saying the group was scaring away customers and creating the perception that the company supports marriage equality. Target is expected to appeal the judge’s decision.

3. The Delaware Senate approved a civil unions bill on Thursday by a vote of 13-6. The bill, which now goes to the House, would make Delaware the eighth state to legalize civil unions.

—  John Wright

Carrollton Project hosts candidate forum tonight

Bob McCranie

Bob McCranie sends along word that the Carrollton Project, a local LGBT group, will host a candidate forum tonight for Carrollton City Council and the Carrollton/Farmers Branch Independent School District.

The forum begins at 7 p.m. at Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas, 1840 Hutton Drive, #100, Carrollton.

McCranie formed the Carrollton Project in 2006 with the help of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance and the Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

“I’m really proud of the community we’ve built in five years,” McCranie said. “This meeting isn’t about the past or about our previous interactions with any one candidate. Everyone is walking in with a clean slate to learn about our concerns and to earn our votes. Most city elections are won or lost by 400 votes. Using the 10 percent rule, there would be 12,000 LGBT votes available in Carrollton. I’m happy that the MCC of Greater Dallas and The Carrollton Project can provide this opportunity for both groups to learn from each other.”


—  John Wright