Sheriff Lupe Valdez, a Democrat, on why she’s going to the Log Cabin Republicans Convention

Sheriff Lupe Valdez

The Log Cabin Republicans will hold their National Convention in Dallas this coming weekend, and we’ll have a full story in Friday’s print edition. But because the convention actually begins Thursday, we figured we’d go ahead and post the full program sent out by the group earlier this week.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the program is a scheduled appearance by gay Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who is of course a Democrat.

Valdez, who’ll be one of the featured speakers at a Saturday luncheon, contacted us this week to explain her decision to accept the invitation from Log Cabin (not that we necessarily felt it warranted an explanation). Here’s what she said: 

“We have more things in common than we have differences, but it seems like in politics we constantly dwell on our differences,” Valdez said. “If we continue to dwell on our differences, all we’re going to do is fight. If we try to work on our common issues, we’ll be able to accomplish some things.”

On that note, below is the full program. For more information or to register, go here.

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Log Cabin Republican Clarke Cooper: “McCain Will Do The Right Thing.”

Lawrence O’Donnell invited Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans, Clarke Cooper on his show to discuss prospects for legislative repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the lame duck. In brief, possible, but there’s very little time on the clock.

(Don’t you wish you could just go home, whether the job was done or not? That hasn’t been MY employment experiences over the years. Senator Reid seems like a great boss.)

Lawrence frames his questioning by calling McCain’s position “transparently fraudulently,” a bait that Cooper declines to take, breezing right past it. Cooper expresses his confidence that, if the leaks of the Pentagon report prove to be true:

“…once the comprehensive review is published and shared with members of congress, I do believe that he will come around and do the right thing.”

My faith in the good will of John McCain and of Republicans in general, is perhaps, substantially less than that of Cooper. But let’s hope he’s right. The fate of legislative repeal pretty much rests in them being complicit or Harry Reid playing some serious hardball, like keep Senate in session right through Christmas if necessary. They can filibuster their bigotry right through the Baby Jesus’ birthday if Reid wants to take a stand.

Another interesting question O’Donnell brings up is:

“Is there any Democrat who’s willing to filibuster the bill if it does not have a repeal of don’t ask don’t tell in it?”

Cooper appropriately doesn’t comment, because, well, he’s a Republican, and likely doesn’t have any insight into what Democratic strategies exist.

It does seem like a good question to put to our Democratic leaders: Will you use the filibuster on any NDAA bill that does not include repeal?
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AC360: Rep. Jared Polis & LCR’s Clarke Cooper Discuss Chambliss Scandal

Tonight CNN’s Anderson Cooper discussed the “all faggots must die” comment left by a Sen. Saxby Chambliss staffer here on JMG, bringing on Rep. Jared Polis and Log Cabin head R. Clarke Cooper. (The same pair discussed the issue on MSNBC’s Hardball yesterday.) Tonight’s conversation focused more on the delay in identifying the culprit, although LCR’s Cooper once again attempted to derail the issue by launching into an attack on Obama over DADT.

UNRELATED: CNN really has a problem with my name, this is the third mention in as many weeks in which they get it wrong. Whatevs.

Joe. My. God.

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