Least appetizing ‘treat’ of day: Onion ring mints

I can’t tell you how often people tell me, “I wish I had your job — you get to see movies and plays and eat out at fancy restaurants all the time!!!” Now, I like my job, but it’s not all as glamorous as it may seem. I do eat at fancy restaurants, but I eat a lot of other stuff too. And low on the “other” list is the “favor” sent to me by a local restaurant.

“Delicious” Onion Ring Mints aren’t as advertised. In fact, they’re pretty disgusting.

When they arrived, I thought, “Maybe they are shaped like onion rings,” or even, “Maybe they are specially formulated to fight bad breath caused by onion rings.” Uh… no. They just taste like onion rings.

Which you only really get when you tell someone. I passed them around the office incognito, asking for people’s opinions. I prefaced it with, “this is not good,” so it’s not like they expected a mist of wintergreen. The consensus was, they taste like old meat. Or maybe old greasy onion rings. Or maybe Funyuns. Point is, they don’t taste good.

So before you think you could do my job, ask yourself: Would I spend an hour tasting nasty bits of sugar and alienating my co-workers to write a blog post as a profession? Cuz that’s my job, too.

OK, off to eat some new Pumpkin Pie flavor Pinkberry that was sent to me.

As I said, I like my job.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Thankfully someone took it upon themselves to declare Gay Day at the State Fair — Oct. 9

Big Tex loves his gays.

Last year, people were asking us about gay day at the State Fair, but we were as much in the dark. When Big Tex started rolling around this year, we were bracing ourselves for the inquiries. And then Facebook saved the day — or rather, Mike Weaver did.

Weaver, who hails from Watauga, started the Gay Day at the State Fair Facebook event to begin getting a consensus on when it should be. Of course, one date wasn’t going to make everyone happy, but he made the final decision to say that Saturday, Oct. 9 is the day. I say it’s not such a bad day to pick. It doesn’t compete with LifeWalk on Sunday and is two days shy of National Coming Out Day on Monday. He proposes that LGBT peeps wear colors of the rainbow and meet at noon at Big Tex.

Although he didn’t make it out last year, Weaver wanted to be part of the community coming together. “We can show people who are GLBT that it is OK to step out of the box and be with your fellow GLBTs and supporters. Maybe this could be a day for people who stay in because there scared to get them to come have fun.”

I’m there. That is if I can break away from the just close-enough Belgian waffle stand.

—  Rich Lopez