GOProud’s 2010 endorsements…where are the individual-freedom-loving conservatives?

Submitted without comment because I know you all will have plenty to say about some of these outlandish picks. 

GOProud’s 2010 Endorsements and Recommendations


Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director – “We urge our members and allies to vote to bring conservative leadership to Washington, D.C.”


(Washington, D.C.) – Today, GOProud, the only national organization representing gay conservatives and their allies, released their complete list of House and Senate endorsements, as well as Senate recommendations.  “We urge our members and allies to vote to bring conservative leadership to Washington, D.C.,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud.  “The men and women that GOProud is endorsing and recommending will help bring common-sense conservative solutions to the challenges facing gay Americans and the country as a whole.”


“There can be no freedom for gay and lesbian individuals and our families without economic freedom,” said Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of the GOProud Board.  “Under the leadership of liberals in Washington, gay Americans – like all Americans – have suffered.  While the Democrats talk a good game when it comes to gay issues, their record speaks for itself.  On jobs and the economy, on taxes, on retirement security, and on healthcare the Democrats reign in Washington has been an absolute disaster for gay people.  If you are a gay person, or if you know someone who is gay or lesbian, I implore you to vote out Democrats tomorrow.”


In support of its endorsed candidates, GOProud has been airing a 30 second ad entitled “The Real Democrats of Washington, D.C.” (the ad can be seen here  “GOProud is incredibly proud of the work we have done on behalf of our endorsed candidates,” continued LaSalvia. 


The full list of GOProud endorsees:


For U.S. Senate – Carly Fiorina (R-CA) and Mark Kirk (R-IL)

For U.S. House – Sean Bielat (R-MA4), Richard Hanna (R-NY24), Mary Bono Mack (R-CA45), Charles Djou (R-HI1), and Dr. Joe Heck (R-NV3).


In addition to its list of endorsed candidates, today, GOProud unveiled its list of recommended candidates for the U.S. Senate.  This list, while by no means exhaustive, represents races where GOProud is strongly encouraging its members and allies to support these men and women.


The full list of GOProud recommendations for U.S. Senate:


Linda McMahon (R-CT), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Dino Rossi (R-WA) and Dr. Tom Coburn (R-OK)


“GOProud looks forward to working with a new conservative controlled House and Senate to pass tax reform, social security reform, healthcare reform and other important reforms that will improve the lives of all Americans – but especially gay and lesbian Americans,” concluded LaSalvia.


OK, just one non-LGBT comment – how can GOProud tout with a straight face

Womb Controller

 Tom Coburn as standing for the personal freedom that these conservatives attempt to sell to voters?


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Report from today’s NYU Law’s panel: ‘Are Conservatives the Most Effective LGBT Advocates?’

Scott Blair, an AMERICAblog reader and NYU Law student, last wrote to us from Miami, where he was attending Lavender Law, the National LGBT Bar Association Annual Meeting. Today, he attened a panel at NYU’s Law School titled, “The Log Cabin Republicans’ Victory Against ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: Are Conservatives the Most Effective LGBT Advocates?” The event was held in collaboration with NYU OutLaw. They had quite a panel. Here’s Scott’s report:

Today, NYU Law had a panel on DADT, Log Cabin Republicans v. The United States, and the state of the repeal of DADT after the Republican-led filibuster. Speaking at the panel were Richard Socarides, Bill Clinton’s LGBT advisor, R. Clarke Cooper, the Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans, and Aaron Tax, the Legal Director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN). The panel was moderated by Kenji Yoshino, a professor of Constitutional Law at the NYU School of Law.

Oddly, the panel didn’t focus so much on the legal strategy and prospects at the 9th Circuit and Supreme court of Log Cabin Republicans, but rather on how we ended up with no legislative repeal in site. The panel began with a discussion from Richard about how we ended up with DADT, and putting the failure of Clinton’s plan to let gays and lesbians serve openly in historic perspective. Even into George H.W. bush’s presidency, being gay was a possible security risk; no major countries let gays and lesbians serve openly; and the Democratic Chair of the Armed Services Committee, along with Colin Powell, came out forcefully opposed to the repeal, hosting a meeting of the Armed Services Committee in a submarine’s quarters to illustrate how gays would have to share bunk beds with straights. The media remained stuck on the issue, and Clinton, seeking a victory, worked with Barney Frank and others to come up with “Don’t’ Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue.”

There was an interesting remark from Richard about Clinton’s claim a few months back that he was told by Powell that DADT would let gay servicemen attend pride parades, live with a partner, etc. so long as they weren’t out at work. Quoting Richard, “That’s an example of all of us remembering what we want to remember. There’s a lot more to it.” As Kenji pointed out, immediately after DADT was passed, expulsions of gay and lesbians skyrocketed.

The panel then turned to Aaron discussing the law’s consequences, the extent of which may be unknown to even many proponents of repeal. Among SLDN’s clients have been a soldier who told his father he was gay, who then reported it to the military to get him discharged; people who told friends or family members they were gay before joining the military, and have it reach an enemy in the chain of command. Among the absurdities: a man who was threatened with discharge because he had a photograph with his arm around another man in his locker. The military stopped pursuing his discharge when he informed them it was a family photo with his cousin.

Clarke Cooper then talked about his experience on the case, which actually began
back in 2004, and then it moved onto his view of the Log Cabin Republicans. Given the fact that every single Republican filibustered the Defense Authorization bill which said that DADT would be repealed if the Joint Chiefs and the President sign on, there was a bit of flack from the audience about why they were pushing for more Republicans in Congress given their uniform opposition to gay rights. Cooper claimed that there were Republicans onboard for pushing for repeal, but Harry Reid’s procedural shenanigans made them all fall in line with the party and if it’s voted on after the elections it would get Republican support.

(I will say he isn’t the only person to make this claim. Servicemembers United made a similar claim in the period immediately before and after the failed vote.)

More interesting was the claim that when the Log Cabins lobbied for DADT’s repeal, they were often told by Republican Congressmen that they were the first people to visit and actually lobby for the repeal. I suspect this isn’t true, given what I know of SLDN, but it was worth mentioning. He was honest that the Republicans are less gay-friendly than the Democrats (to put it mildly), but I am sympathetic by the idea that if no one is pushing for gay rights in the GOP, then they will never change. I’d be more sympathetic if even “pro-gay” Republicans like Snowe and Brown didn’t vote against gay rights, but take it for what it’s worth. And more compelling is that the RNC has asked the Log Cabins to run campaign ads for GOP candidates in New York state, and that, compared to in the early 1990s, people are actively seeking their endorsements. And Cooper certainly had a point when he said whether you like it or not, the Democrats will not pass any legislation without some GOP support.

Ultimately, though, everyone at the panel was convinced that the Log Cabin Republicans’ victory has helped to keep the prospect of repeal alive. The sky hasn’t fallen since the repeal was issued, and despite the Pentagon’s claims, repeal won’t entail a host of new regulations and a new problem for the school. As Aaron Tax said, “all the repeal will do is not fire people for being gay.”


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Christian Conservatives Protest Marriage Equality in Sacramento, CA

As Joe pointed out with the classic “The Defenders (of Traditional Marriage)”, one would think the Talibangelicals would get tired of exposing their hypocrisy when trying to pin the destruction of traditional marriage on “the gays,” but you would be wrong:

Thousands of Christian conservatives spent 12 hours Saturday praying and fasting in front of the state Capitol at a gathering organizers described as spiritual repentance “when there is no hope for a nation.”

The daylong religious event titled, “TheCall to Conscience,” was led by Lou Engle as well as other pastors and speakers to protest gay marriage, pornography and abortion. Many of those attending slapped red “Life” stickers over their shirts and set up blankets and folding chairs facing a large stage with banners that read: “Only One Hope God.”

People close to the front of the stage held up their hands when called to prayer. They jumped and danced to musical performances between sermons. The gathering filled the west lawn of the state Capitol and hundreds of people spilled into the next block, but the rest of Capitol Mall’s five-block-long lawn went unused despite large screens and barricades set up for the occasion.

What will it take to ever convince these rubes it is their serial marriages, and their own ridiculous hypocrisy that has destroyed society’s evolved, formulated supposedly traditional idea of opposite sex marriage that has evolved to include serial marriages, multiple divorces and mix and match step-families? Like many, I come from a combined step-family, with half siblings, but don’t try to feed me the line LGBT’s couples can’t have our own definition of family when opposite sex couples can’t seem to settle on what constitutes “traditional marriage and family” except for their ridiculous assertion it has something to do with the couple’s private parts.

Certain conservative Evangelicals, like liar and hypocrite, Lou Engle, always need an external enemy, right? Seriously, the opposite sex crowd haven’t provided consistent good examples for a supposedly unique institution deserving of special rights now have they? What has worked for one opposite sex family certainly doesn’t work for other’s no matter how much they want to claim it is some kind of “cookie cutter” institution in danger of being lost. It is long past time for us to have our equal rights realized. Our American LGBT children, family’s and our partner’s deserve nothing less than the same rights those who want to continue to oppress us enjoy.


—  John Wright

Conservatives Answer “The Call”

MIKE HUCKABEE X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMConservatives who follow Mike Huckabee and Family Research Council’s
Tony Perkins are gathering this weekend in Sacramento this weekend for
“The Call” — an event Courage Campaign bloggers are calling “NOM Summer
Tour on steroids.” Daily News

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World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah Will Face Off Against GOProud’s Christopher Barron To Talk Crazy Conservatives

Because World Net Daily's and GOProud are getting along so well these days, the two have decided to mutually exploit all the great press they've received over Ann Coulter with an opportunity they'll both benefit from: WND's Joseph Farah will "debate" GOProud's chairman Christopher Barron at the conspiracy theorist website's "Taking America Back" conference on Sept. 17 in Miami. The topic of their bickering? "Is GOProud Conservative?"

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Joe Farah’s well-worn recipe for railing about conservatives ‘destroying society’s foundation’


The list of conservatives surrendering has been noticed by the homosexual activists, as the homosexual blogger notes: “Ted Olson, Margaret Hoover, Meghan McCain, Glenn Beck, Laura Bush, Steve Schmidt, Cindy McCain, Charlie Baker, Elisabeth Hasselbeck … it’s like each day a new high-profile conservative jumps on the marriage equality bandwagon.”

I, for one, don’t plan on giving up. Someone needs to hold the celebrities accountable. Someone needs to offer correction. If we lose the battle over marriage, I’m not sure there’s much left to preserve. Marriage is literally the building block of our civilization. Destroy it and you destroy the foundation.

The enemy knows this.

— From his column, “Conservative surrender on same-sex marriage?”

Don’t you just love being “the enemy”? I’d love it more if we actually had more equality wins under our belt. But I digress…

WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah stepped away from his spittle-covered keyboard for a few days, but he’s back at it, continuing to repeat his despair over GOProud’s upcoming Homocon and the conservatives he says are contributing to the “destruction of society’s foundation” for supporting marriage equality.

I really don’t understand what is going on in Farah’s head; how many ways can he write the same tired diatribe — it’s a well-worn recipe:

1. Mention the traitors. Today he lists “Ted Olson, Margaret Hoover, Meghan McCain, Glenn Beck, Laura Bush, Steve Schmidt, Cindy McCain, Charlie Baker, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.” I know he’s getting that massive moustache wet with spit typing those names in.

2. Dump on Ann Coulter. Traitor #1 on his list. She has earned a special place in Farah’s hell for agreeing to headline Homocon; he publicly dumped her as a personal friend and rejected her for his fundie conference. She has to be mentioned in each column and e-blast. On Twitter he wails: “By the way, how come Ann Coulter is getting all the publicity and I’m the publicity whore?” Joe, you’re getting plenty of publicity, it’s just all bad.

3. Mention and trash “homosexual infiltrators” GOProud. Farah has done more to raise the profile of this upstart gay Republican group than any other single source. GOProud’s Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia should write him a check for PR services. Farah’s problem with gay Republicans is that they were much more compliant in the closet. They were always there in the party and about a quarter of LGBTs still vote GOP anyway, so Farah’s just incensed that some have gotten too uppity and kicked open the political closet door.

4. Start the bible beating. Today’s column is pathetic on so many levels. We get hoary servings of Leviticus, Romans and Matthew. Joe is under the impression that many of these vile conservatives are fundies, and are bucking the man upstairs and should shake in fear. Look at this:

There is no middle ground on this issue. Either you believe the Bible or you don’t.

If you don’t, there are consequences. If you do, you are obligated to take a stand for righteousness. Of course, there are worldly consequences for that, too – for some apparently too great to accept.

Followers of Jesus have a choice: They can please God or please men. They can accept God’s laws, which are not burdensome, and obey them, or they can reject them and try to tickle the ears of men. They can offend God or offend men.

This is a huge assumption on Farah’s part. My guess is that most of the traitor conservatives mentioned above are either: 1) unchurched, and thus don’t care; 2) have a faith that is more open than Farah’s; 3) non-believers; and/or 4) simply tired and offended by the political bedroom-peeping proclivities of people like Farah dressed up as moral righteousness.

I’m sure they’ll take your suggestions under advisement, Joe.


* Today’s Joe Farah Cry for Help: Homocon represents GOP ‘appeasement of the open celebration of sin’

* WND’s Farah obsesses over GOProud’s ‘infiltration and subversion of the conservative movement’

* Mike Signorile interviews WND’s Farah – on Coulter’s ‘betrayal’: ‘My Eyes Have Been Opened’

* Coulter on fundie Take Back America confab: ‘They’re a bunch of fake Christians’

* WorldNetDaily’s Farah in complete meltdown as high-profile conservatives ’embrace the homos’
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Add AFA’s Bryan Fischer to list of homobigots in meltdown over conservatives ditching them

Yesterday I posted about WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah blasting Ann Coulter’s “betrayal” of him regarding the anti-gay “culture wars” by keynoting GOProud‘s HOMOCON. You could almost feel Farah’s raging on the keyboard at other luminaries of the right who are also abandoning the professional anti-gay agenda:

…”Conservative” icon Glenn Beck, in a conversation with Bill O’Reilly, said basically he doesn’t care about the attack on traditional marriage. Asked if the California ruling will harm the country in any way, he responded: “No I don’t. Will the gays come and get us? I believe that Thomas Jefferson said: ‘If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket what difference is it to me?'”

Rush Limbaugh, the iconic leader of American conservatism, hired the noted homosexual singer Elton John to perform at his wedding. He has not aired one of his bitingly satirical “gay community updates” in years.

“Conservatives,” it seems, are on the verge of not only accepting homosexuality’s domination of the culture, but embracing it.

We can now add Bryan Fischer to the far-right public meltdown. He’s the host of the “Focal Point” radio program on the American Family Radio talk network (one of the arms of Don and Tim Wildmon’s American Family Association). This is a man who actually said that society must “put active homosexuals through an effective reparative therapy program.”

Look at this crazed column, “Coulter, Beck go AWOL in culture war.” The anger-generated spittle is dripping onto his keyboard.

Count Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck as the latest deserters in the culture war and in the battle for sexual normalcy. They have flinched at “precisely that little point which the world and the devil are … attacking,” and so have forfeited the right to consider themselves any longer culture warriors.

Let’s be clear: Endorsing homosexual behavior is not a conservative position, period. Supporting special rights based on aberrant sexual behavior is not conservative, period. Supporting either civil unions or marriages based entirely on using the alimentary canal for sexual purposes is not conservative, period.

You [Ann Coulter] will be received with a standing ovation [at HOMOCON] for pandering to a group that wants to put open homosexuals in the same showers and barracks with sexually normal soldiers (priority No. 4) and is fiercely opposed to any attempt to elevate protection for natural marriage to the Constitution (priority No. 7 – see GOProud website).

…Glenn Beck has completely and shamelessly surrendered on the issue of gay marriage, and did so on Bill O’Reilly’s program, only the most-watched cable news program in all TV land…Even O’Reilly, who is a notorious squish on the subject of the acceptability of homosexual behavior, was taken aback by Beck’s capitulation and rightly accused him of “ignoring the profound change in the American family.”

Folks, we are starting to see real damage to core of the professional homo-hate machine. The fiscal conservative/libertarian lite wing of the GOP, as well as those like Beck and Coulter, who depended on that demo for their meal ticket in the past, sees the legal handwriting on the wall for the social conservatives (aka loonies) and are publicly making a break for the door to more credibility), with the alignment now toward the burgeoning Tea Party wing.

It’s pretty clear that a corner has been turned, with the green light foor Beck and Coulter likely being the 138-page Prop 8 legal ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker that decimated the pathetic case presented by the defenders of marriage discrimination. The sorry-ass, religious, culture, and bias-based excuses to prevent opening civil marriage to lesbians and gays couldn’t stand up to the reality-based legal standard, as Olsen and Boies smacked down the so-called “experts” who bothered to show up to testify. Just a peek at Walker’s Findings of Fact alone put those ridiculous arguments completely to bed.

Beck and Coulter, who are thinking about their professional bottom lines, are placing their bets on the legal wind blowing away from the bible-beating theocrat wing of conservatism.

Again, while I can’t always agree with their political positions on issues, credit also has to go to GOProud, which has managed to become a deeply lodged splinter into the social conservative movement in a very short time (the LCR was never this effective). It was first an irritation, and now it’s making the bible-beaters hurt badly if they are taking this infighting public over HOMOCON. Makes we wish I could get up there to cover the event, which is on September 25 in NYC.

GOProud’s Chris Barron recently took The Peter to task over his expected eruption over Coulter’s gig:

“I strongly encourage Mr LaBarbera to head out to his local bookstore, buy an Ann Coulter book and actually read it. For a guy who claims to be a “fan,” he seems completely clueless about what Ann has actually written and said about gay people and gay conservatives.

If Mr. LaBarbera spent less time obsessing about gay sex and hanging out at gay Pride events, maybe he would have a little more time to read one of Ann’s books.”

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WorldNetDaily’s Farah in complete meltdown as high-profile conservatives ’embrace the homos’

I know most of you have heard about the hubbub Ann Coulter has created because of her upcoming appearance at GOProud‘s HOMOCON. It’s unnerved the homobigots at WingNutDaily so badly that they droppedr her as one of the keynotes for WND’s Take Back America hatefest. This e-blast landed in my inbox:

Conservative superstar Ann Coulter today was dropped as a keynote speaker for WND’s “Taking America Back National Conference” next month because of her plan to address an event titled “HOMOCON” sponsored by the homosexual Republican group GOProud that promotes same-sex marriage and military service for open homosexuals.

Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, said the decision was a gut-wrenching one for his team because of their fondness for Coulter as both a person and writer-speaker.

“Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about ‘taking America back’ when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very ‘unconservative’ agenda represented by GOProud,” said Farah. “The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning.”

Asked by Farah why she was speaking to GOProud, Coulter said: “They hired me to give a speech, so I’m giving a speech. I do it all the time.”

Farah then asked: “Do you not understand you are legitimizing a group that is fighting for same-sex marriage and open homosexuality in the military – not to mention the idea that sodomy is just an alternate lifestyle?”

…”Earlier this year, GOProud was permitted to sponsor the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, the biggest event of its kind,” said Farah. “This bad decision resulted in consistently conservative groups dropping sponsorship and withdrawing from participation – much to their credit. GOProud is about infiltration of the conservative movement and dividing it from within with twisted and dangerous ideas way out of the mainstream of American public opinion. Ann Coulter is, I’m afraid, validating this effort for money. I support her speaking to people with whom she disagrees on college campuses. That’s a good idea. I do it, too. But if you see the way GOProud is exploiting its coup in getting Ann Coulter to speak to its HOMOCON event, you begin to understand what a mistake this is for a conservative icon like Coulter.”

My my, he has his panties in a bunch, doesn’t he? That’s just the beginning. Apparently the war over this has cost Farah his friendship with Ann Coulter – and she drop kicked him to boot.

I’m sad that I have lost Ann Coulter as a friend.

But I have no regrets about my action this week in disinviting her to be a keynote speaker at our Taking America Back National Conference in Miami next month. It was the right thing to do under the circumstances – no matter the consequences. I guess you could say she didn’t take it well. The told the Daily Caller I dumped her for publicity.

Farah is doing this for PUBLICITY and publicity alone,” she wrote in an e-mail.

She expressed anger that WND had quoted from an e-mail exchange between the two of us.

“He’s a swine for using my private e-mails politely answering him,” she wrote. “Why would he do such a despicable thing … for PUBLICITY.”

The evidence that I am a “publicity whore,” according to Coulter, is that my “promotion of the birther nonsense (long ago disproved by my newspaper, Human Events, also Sweetness & Light, American Spectator and National Review, etc., etc., etc.) He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing. For ONE reason: to get his hits on his website.”

In yesterday’s screed, “Today’s ‘conservatives’ and the sin problem,” he feels abandoned by the conservatives not interested in the “save marriage” movement, and he’s enraged that luminaries on the right are “embracing” homosexuals into the mainstream. Should we take out the tiny violin?

“Conservatives” don’t recognize sin when they see it. Nearly the entire “conservative” establishment, such as it is, fears even mentioning this word or acknowledging its existence. And, I’m afraid, without that recognition, this is a movement that is hopelessly lost.

When was the last time you heard a “conservative” leader with a high media profile speak out against what can only be described as the pervasive glorification of the homosexual culture in our schools, media, entertainment industry, Madison Avenue and, of course, government in all of its forms?

There are a few, to be sure – Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage come to mind. Any others?

Meanwhile, the oldest and most prestigious “conservative” weekly in the nation is owned by a corporation run by an activist homosexual. NOTE FROM PAM: who is this person he’s outing?

Ann Coulter is gleeful about speaking to a group called GOProud, which bills itself as a “conservative” Republican homosexual organization that supports same-sex marriage and open homosexual service in the military.

…”Conservative” icon Glenn Beck, in a conversation with Bill O’Reilly, said basically he doesn’t care about the attack on traditional marriage. Asked if the California ruling will harm the country in any way, he responded: “No I don’t. Will the gays come and get us? I believe that Thomas Jefferson said: ‘If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket what difference is it to me?'”

Rush Limbaugh, the iconic leader of American conservatism, hired the noted homosexual singer Elton John to perform at his wedding. He has not aired one of his bitingly satirical “gay community updates” in years.

“Conservatives,” it seems, are on the verge of not only accepting homosexuality’s domination of the culture, but embracing it.

Man, I’m loving it. What will Joe Farah, Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown do?


And then there’s this little Facebook post of interest that I came across while surfing for more about HOMOCON. Lookee here — “ex-gay” Exodus International’s Randy Thomas friended GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia and seems VERY interested in the goings on…

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Internet’s Conservatives Don’t Think Obama Is The Worst ‘Ultra Left-Wing Kook’

Polling 43 of the web's leading conservative bloggers, Right Wing News (not to be confused with Right Wing Watch) tallied the Internet's worst liberal offenders. Or, as they note, the worst among "the gangsters, serial killers, mass murderers, incompetent & crooked politicians, spies, traitors, and ultra left-wing kooks in all of American history." Barack Obama only came in at No. 2.

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Shocker: Texas only 20th-most conservative state

Texas is becoming more liberal — or at least less rabidly conservative — according to rankings released Monday by Gallup. The rankings, based on polls conducted from January through June, list Texas as the 20th-most conservative state in the U.S. in 2010. Last year, Texas was the 11th-most conservative state.

This year, 43 percent of Texans identified as conservative, while 35 percent identified as moderate and 18 percent identified as liberal, giving the state a conservative advantage of 25 points. The average across the country is a 20-point conservative advantage (only in the District of Columbia and Rhode Island do liberals outnumber conservatives). At No. 20, Texas is sandwiched between West Virginia and Alaska.

—  John Wright