Dallas’ Gretchen Hamm among Human Rights Campaign’s ‘Mothers of the Year’

Gretchen Hamm

Gretchen Hamm of Dallas, who founded TwoBrides.com and TwoGrooms.com in 2000, is one of six “Mothers of the Year” announced today by the Human Rights Campaign.

Hamm’s lesbian daughter, Kathryn, was getting married in 1999 when Gretchen discovered that she couldn’t find things like photo albums for same-sex couples, even at the local gay bookstore. In 2005, Kathryn took over the business, which is now affiliated with GayWeddings.com.

HRC’s six “Mothers of the Year” were selected from hundreds of nominees by a panel of judges that included Betty DeGeneres, Ellen’s mom. From HRC:

Gretchen Hamm, Dallas, TX, is the mother of a lesbian daughter.  During the “difficult days” of her daughter’s adolescence, Gretchen gave her a large poster for her room that said, “Be Yourself.”  Later, during her daughter’s commitment ceremony to her partner, Gretchen famously took her Platform of Love to a whole new level when she founded an online boutique for same sex couples planning their ceremonies. Gretchen is a long-time HRC volunteer.

Congrats, Gretchen, and Happy Mother’s Day! To read about the other Mothers of the Year, go here.

—  John Wright

DPD investigator denies rumors that arrests are ‘imminent’ in gay Dallas woman’s disappearance

Lisa Stone
Lisa Stone

On Tuesday afternoon we reported that Lisa Stone’s friends believe arrests may be “imminent” in the six-month-old disappearance of the 52-year-old gay Dallas woman.

But Sgt. Eugene Reyes of the Dallas Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit told Instant Tea this morning that those rumors are simply untrue.

“I have no idea who we would be arresting and what we would be arresting them for,” Reyes said. “You blindsided me.”

Reyes said he had no new information about DPD’s investigation into Stone’s disappearance. He’s said previously that investigators believe foul play is “very likely.”

Reyes acknowledged that DPD recently contacted America’s Most Wanted, which posted a story about Stone’s disappearance on its website last week. Asked whether this indicates that authorities are desperate, Reyes said: “We’ve been desperate since day one. As soon as [Stone’s longtime partner] Sherry [Henry] quit talking, what else is there? We have nothing to go on. It’s another way to generate publicity, keep it out there.”

Reyes added that the America’s Most Wanted story hasn’t generated any tips in the week since it was posted. He said investigators continue to believe that even if Henry wasn’t somehow involved in Stone’s disappearance, she knows something about it.

“Either Sherry is not telling anyone or if she did they’re not sharing that information,” Reyes said.

—  John Wright