WATCH: Atlas Sound at 35 Denton


While 35 Denton didn’t have a whole lot of queer going on this past weekend, it still managed to score a show by Atlas Sound. The queer frontman of Deerhunter was one of the bigger names during the four-day music fest in Denton. Graciela Razo of the 35 Denton blog wrote this assessment of the show that seemed to fit perfectly in with the drizzly rain.

Watch a clip of him performing “Te Amo” on the main stage at the festival after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: Deerhunter at Granada Theater last night

The indie band Deerhunter sounded in fine form as they performed “Revival” in this video. Bradford Cox’s vocals held up nicely in all kinds of registers. They headlined a late set with three openers last night at the Granada.

—  Rich Lopez

This Deerhunter remix video for ‘Helicopter’ should get you in the mood for their Nov. show.

Perhaps this will get you revved for Deerhunter’s upcoming show in November. The band, fronted by the out Bradford Cox (AKA Atlas Sound), brings their tour to the Granada Theater in exactly two weeks.

Remixed by Diplo and Lunice, this “Helicopter” video is a lot of back and forth imagery, but somehow it fits right into Deerhunter’s m.o. of dreamy indie rock. Just because it’s a remix, don’t expect a dance party. Diplo and Lunice keep it chill and relaxed. I’d have posted here but Vimeo is busting my balls about embedding for whatever reason. So check it here.

—  Rich Lopez

Concert Notice: Gay frontman Atlas Sound and Deerhunter at the Granada Theater in Nov.

Deerhunter, Granada Theater, Bradford CoxLast November, Atlas Sound was scheduled for a show at Hailey’s and then canceled. Hopefully, this won’t happen twice. Atlas Sound, aka Bradford Cox, is the gay frontman for the psychedelia-gazing punk band Deerhunter. They’ve come off their self-imposed hiatus that began in 2008 to record their fourth album, Halcyon Digest, which is set to drop in September. OK, that’s more a break than hiatus.

They made a splash out of Atlanta with their 2005 debut album Turn It Up Faggot — which was “an insult that Cox claimed was often thrown at the band during their gigs,” according to AllMusic — and then released the brilliant Microcastle/Weird Era Continued album two years ago. Cox has Marfan Syndrome, which elongates his limbs making for quite an impression. At 6 feet, 4 inches, his skinny arms and legs make him look larger than life in an awkward way (and in the occasional onstage frock or dress), but that’s far from the point of Cox or Deerhunter even. As musicians, they have created some challenging and trippy music and their live show reputation borders on amazing.

They perform with Best Coast (yes!), Sonny and the Sunsets and Casino Vs. Japan at the Granada Theater on Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. Tickets are a friggin’ bargain at $15.

—  Rich Lopez