Quote of the Day: Pat Carlson

Pat Carlson

“There is a continual effort by the homosexual community to push their agenda on the rest of us. The bottom line is they are trying to destroy traditional marriage as we know it in the country and make their lifestyle the norm. They make it seem that anybody who has a problem with it is homophobic.”

Pat Carlson, president of the Texas Eagle Forum, in a Star-Telegram article about marriage equality demonstrations on Valentine’s Day in Texas

—  John Wright

Aren’t any gays in Dallas going to request a marriage license on Valentine’s Day this year?

GetEQUAL and Marriage Equality USA are planning demonstrations across the country for Valentine’s Day in which same-sex couples will request marriage licenses at county clerks’ offices. But Dallas, where the apparently defunct Queer LiberAction has staged similar demonstrations in each of the last two years, thus far doesn’t appear on the list of cities where events are planned in 2011. According to the website, the only Texas cities with demonstrations planned are San Antonio, Austin and Houston. So we’re sure Dallas County Clerk John Warren, shown below in 2009, is disappointed. Read the full press release from GetEQUAL is after the jump.

Dallas County Clerk John Warren, right, addresses Blake Wilkinson of Queer LiberAction during a Freedom to Marry Day demonstration in 2009.

—  John Wright

LGBT Rights Demonstrations in Russia and Poland

Queer.de in Germany has video footage of gay rights demonstrations that took place in Russia and Poland over the weekend. You can view the footage at their site. Queer.de is a German-language site, so I will loosely summarize what they are reporting:

Russia saw its first ever legally-sanctioned gay rights demonstration on Saturday in St. Petersburg. About twenty people took part. The recently imprisoned and freed Nikolai Alekseev was among them. Approximately thirty counter-protesters hurled eggs and insults at the demonstrators before the police restrained them. The counter-protesters consisted mainly of right-wing extremists and Orthodox Christians.

In Poland, demonstrations took place in Warsaw and Posen. In Warsaw, the protest was directed toward securing relationship recognition for same-sex couples. Dozens took part. In Posen, 50-100 people joined what was called “The March for Equal Rights.” Counter-protesters appeared at the Posen march, and mostly consisted of nationalists and soccer hooligans.


—  admin

WATCH: Rally, vigil for Asher Brown

A rally and vigil were held Tuesday in honor of 13-year-old gay suicide victim Asher Brown outside the middle school he attended near Houston. From organizer Barry Ouellette of the Foundation for Family and Marriage Equality:

“It was a great event, very touching. We had about 30 people for the demonstration and about 70 for the candlelight vigil where there were some touching stories and kind and inspiring words from many teenagers as well as concerned parents, clergy and Houstonians.”

However, KTRK-TV reports that other parents weren’t happy about the demonstrations and are defending the school against allegations that it failed to do anything about bullying complaints from Asher’s parents:

“I think it’s terrible because it has frightened all of our children too. For this reason, I am here to pick up my daughter today. Because it has scared my daughter,” said Shay Phillips.

“I don’t worry about bullying in this school or any other school. But I do worry about it in general,” said Sheila McGraw-Hall. “I think the school is being wrongfully blamed in this case. Or at least to the magnitude that it is being put out there right now in the media,” said another parent.

Below is a report from MyFoxHouston.com, and Channel 2 has a report here.

—  John Wright

Don’t kiss, don’t tell, don’t care

Next time someone mentions Judeo-Christian values, point to this one, which comes more from the Judeo side, I imagine.

The liberal Israeli newspaper HaAretz published a photo over the weekend of an Israeli soldier kissing another man, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Mostly the paper was concerned with how hot the kiss was.

The picture was taken at Jerusalem’s Pride parade on July 29.

The article takes two paragraphs to describe the kiss graphically. “Both stand in a public place, giving a performance, showing how it’s done correctly, feeding him to become his own,” the author writes in Hebrew. But after describing the passionate kiss, he says “people stand around not even looking.”

“I can kiss the person I want the same way that another soldier can kiss whoever he wants,” the writer says. (I believe that’s an imagined quote, describing the scene, rather than something the solider actually told him.)

In the past there have been demonstrations against a Pride parade in Jerusalem. This year, bystanders hardly looked, he said. The last paragraph, however, talks about the older man with the mustache taking a picture of the two men. The writer wonders what the man captured in his camera and questions if he was even looking at the two men embracing since his eyes seem to be looking more at the writer than the men.

Israel eliminated its voluntary deferment for gays and lesbians to serve in the military in 1993. That same year, the U.S. began “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

My translation may be a little off because my Hebrew school classes prepared me to say things more like “you shall not eat flesh from a cloven-hoofed animal like a pig or a camel because it is an abomination” rather than “two men kissed each other passionately in Jerusalem to show straight people how to do it.” However, synagogues take note: Using articles like this may be a better way to keep students interested.

—  David Taffet