Forget late fees: It’s basic fairness leading Minnesotans to return hostile DVDs

Images-5You know those anti-gay DVDs that Minnesota’s Catholic church sent to locals? Yea, well — thousands of folks are regifting them this holiday season:

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Catholic anti-gay marriage DVD protesters are delivering more than 3,000 DVDs to Archbishop John Nienstedt on Friday, according to organizers of

KEEP READING: 3,000 Catholic Anti-Gay Marriage DVDs Returned to Archbishop [My Fox 9]

No word as to what Nienstedt will do with the surplus. Though we do hear Santa’s stocking division is looking for a new alternative to coal…

Good As You

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MadonnaRama at JR.’s Bar & Grill

Get into the groove with lotsa Madge

To celebrate Madonna’s birthday, JR.’s Bar & Grill is going all out with MadonnaRama. Playing all her hits all night long, this is for the true Madonna fans, which probably equals most gay men. Along with hits like “Ray of Light” and “Vogue,” on the speakers, the place will give away CDs, t-shirts and DVDs. However, if you get Swept Away, well, then, we’re sorry.

DEETS: JR.’s Bar & Grill, 3923 Cedar Springs Road. 9 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Oak Lawn Library gets more LGBT stuff, but hours are in danger of being cut in half

Oak Lawn Branch Library volunteer and Stonewall Democrats board member Phyllis Guest reports that the library’s selection of gay titles on DVD has quadrupled in the last few months:

The OLL has long had a selection of LGBTA books, both fiction and
nonfiction, with a number of  new “Young Adult” novels coming in the
last year or so.

But the selection of movies and TV series on DVDs has been meager.

Then, between Thursday, April 1 (when I went on Grand Jury duty and
had to stop volunteering several days a week) and Thursday, May 27,
the DVD collection quadrupled.

Good news for the gayborhood, I think.


And now for the bad news: The Dallas Morning News reports today that the city may cut hours in half at neighborhood libraries next year, from 40 a week to 20 a week, due to the huge budget shortfall. Read more about that by going here. freevzlomсео методы

—  John Wright