UPDATE: Lampanelli donates $50K to GMHC, world doesn’t end, and Camping recalculates

Lisa Lampanelli zings Westboro; Harold Camping gets it wrong again

Last Friday, I wrote here about how insult comic and “queen of mean” Lisa Lampanelli would be performing at the Topeka, Kansas Performing Arts Center, and how Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church loonies had announced they would protest outside the center because Lampanelli is pro-LGBT. So then Lampanelli announced she would donate $1,000 for every protester who showed to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, an AIDS/HIV service organization in New York.

The Phelps clan did show up outside the Performing Arts Center, and Lampanelli’s people counted 44 of them. But the Westboro bunch claimed there were 48 protesters, so Lampanelli decided to donate $50,000. She is supposed to go to GMHC tomorrow (Wednesday) to present them with a check.

Below is an interview with Lampanelli published online today by The Village Voice in which she explains what led up to the situation in Topeka and how she even took her audience outside during the performance there to make fun of the Westboro protesters, including getting a gay couple to make out in front of them. Here’s video from the Village Voice website:

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The end is nigh — and it’s our fault, of course

Harold Camping of Family Radio Network says the world will end this Saturday.

For the last three weeks or so, I have been getting a bunch of emails from folks telling me that the world will end on Saturday, May 21 “because over the past 4 decades serious Bible students have been given understanding of the Biblical Calendar of History as recorded in the geneologies of Genesis 5 and 11.” (That quote comes from the latest email, signed by “Len.” But they have all said basically — if not exactly — the same thing.)

Len goes on to warn: “Given the Bible’s Calendar, May 21, 2011 is the 7000th anniversary (to the very day) of Noah’s flood and the Door of Salvation in the ark, a picture of Christ Jesus, was shut. (Genesis 7:11 and 2 peter 3:3-10). There are other proofs within the Holy Bible that assures us Christ’s return will come to pass on May 21 when God will catch up His people and with a catastrophic earthquake commence the final 153 days of the earth and on October 21 the universe will be annihilated.”

Len — and apparently others — is praying that I will “carefully review and investigate this fast approaching event,” but since they seem pretty steadfast in their belief that this is what will happen, I am not sure what they want me to do about it. Am I supposed to help them to warn others to get right with Jesus om the next three days? Or do they just want me to know — for sure — that I am about to burn for eternity?

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