Exodus International’s Randy Thomas Is Uninsurable

What has Obamacare done for you lately? It hasn't helped Randy Thomas, executive vice president of heterosexuality-for-gays organization Exodus International, figure out why his abdomen hurt so much! And that hasn't helped him get life insurance coverage. Sads!


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Abilene’s Exodus MCC winds up 2-year project to fund Habitat home


ABILENE — Exodus Metropolitan Community Church in Abilene celebrated its 30th anniversary last weekend by presenting a check for $15,000 to Abilene’s Habitat for Humanity, represented by Habitat director Chris Proctor-Cleveland and the organization’s board of directors.

Exodus MCC has been collecting donations for the past two years to pay for the construction of a Habitat house in Abilene. Church members reached their goal on Sept. 12.

The Rev. Margaret Walker, senior pastor, said Exodus members began raising money for the Habitat project two years ago, budgeting it into the church’s mission fund. Church members made personal pledges and contributions, held garage sales and dinners and sold desserts to bring in funds.

Children in the church made and sold art crosses and Christmas ornaments, sold M&M candy and collected and cashed in aluminum cans to help raise money for the project. One youngster even operated a lemonade stand to help out, Walker said.

The pastor noted that such efforts by the church’s youngest members accounted for more than $1,000 of the $15,000 total.

Church members presented the check to Habitat for Humanity officials during the anniversary celebration banquet on Saturday night, Oct. 2. The anniversary weekend continued with services on Sunday, Oct. 3, featuring the Rev. Elder Troy D. Perry, founder of Metropolitan Community Churches.

Exodus MCC has about 100 members. In addition to Senior Pastor Walker, the staff included the Rev. Connie Mangin as executive pastor.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 08, 2010.

—  Kevin Thomas

CANADA: Website Fights Tax Exempt Status Of Exodus International

The website Slap Upside The Head says that the “ex-gay” group Exodus International, which recently lost its tax exempt status in New Zealand, does not deserve that status in Canada either.

All registered charities operating in Canada must provide what the Canada Revenue Agency calls a “public benefit.” This is a long legal definition that I can’t claim to fully understand, but, of particular note, a charitity’s activities must be “regarded as valuable by the common understanding of enlightened opinion,” and such value “must be weighed against any harm that may arise from the proposed activity and a net benefit must result.” Since homosexuality is not a recognised disorder by any respected medical organisation, it’s questionable as to what benefit could come out of trying to treat it as one. Moreoever, the consensus in the medical community is that all attempts to treat homosexuality as a disorder may cause serious psychological harm. With no clear benefit, and demonstrable harm from Exodus’ actions, I think there’s a strong case to argue that Exodus’ activities do not meet Canada’s criteria for charitable status.

If you are a Canadian citizen, please consider visiting the site’s action page, which includes email addresses and phone numbers for the compliance department of Canada’s Revenue Agency. This movement is in its early stages and the site’s authors are seeking legal and medical experts willing to testify that the “ex-gay” movement is doing real demonstrable harm to the citizens of Canada.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright