Friends don't let friends drunk-dial

Back on April 29, I posted this blog entry about D.C. Douglas, the man who was the voice of the announcer in Geico ads, who had a couple drinks too many and called FreedomWorks Tea Party members and left a rather sarcastic voice mail about their strident rhetoric on health care reform legislation.

Now, Douglas has made a public service announcement (of sorts) about the dangers of drunk-dialing right-wingers.

Here you go (and be sure to read the fine print and hang around for the credits at the end):

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Geico announcer loses job over voice mail attacking racist, anti-gay Tea Party members

You’ve probably never seen his face, and you probably don’t know his name. But if you listen to TV much at all, you have probably heard D.C. Douglas’ voice.

Douglas was the actor who provided the voice of the announcer in those ubiquitous Geico insurance commercials. But not any more, thanks to the ire of some Tea Party members.

Upset over the anti-gay and racist remarks made by some FreedomWorks Tea Party members to gay U.S. Rep. Barney Frank and African-American U.S. Rep. John Lewis during the tumultuous debate over health care reform, Douglas decided to give the FreedomWorks folks a call. He ended up leaving a voice mail for them that, uh, expressed his dismay.

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