Gay Getaway: Atlanta

The Atlanta skyline.

You can get a cheap deal on if you wanna visit the ATL … and you even have your choice of airlines.

Delta and American are matching each other and AirTran isn’t far behind with fares under $200 round trip for three-day weekends booked with 10-day advance.

And for fans of the city, there’s plenty to do when you get there. Like Dallas, Atlanta has its Pride in the fall (this year, Oct. 9 and 10), but there’s still June fun. HotLanta has plenty of gay bars and clubs, including the Eagle (like Dallas’, a popular Levi’s and leather club), Woofs (a sports bar) and my favorite — for obvious reasons — Swinging Richards, an all-male strip club. For accommodations, the Grand Hyatt offers mainstream, gay-friendly appeal, while the Chershire Motor Inn is a cruisy gay place to game for mobileпродвижение сайтов yandex

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Gay Getaway: Vail is not just for skiing

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Who goes to a ski resort when there’s no skiing? But actually, it’s a great time to get bargains on airfare, especially if you take American Airlines‘ direct flight to the Vail/Eagle County airport and save yourself a drive from Denver. There’s lots of stuff to do in a mountain town during the sunny weather, and you can stay at some nice resorts for a lot less than you will Christmas week. Plus no need to pack snow pants and pay for your skis to be checked baggage!

Trips for next weekend on American can be had for $113 each onlineпродвижение медицинских услуг

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Gay getaway: Walking in Memphis

Mid-South Pride, shown above, is in October.
Mid-South Pride, shown above, is in October.

Even for us proudly Southern gays, Memphis seems, at first blush, less campy-gay than tacky-straight. I mean, Graceland’s Jungle Room … hell, ANY room there? It’s like the 1970s threw up a Sears catalogue. Compared to Nashville’s country-and-western drag, where big-boobed bombshells like Dolly reign in leather tassels, there’s a great rift between the towns’ gay appeal.

Or so you might think. But Memphis’s Midtown gayborhood is flush with a range of gay bars — and not just C&W clubs (though there is, of course, Lorenz/Aftershock and Metro if you groove for that kinda thing … and let’s face it, we all do). Backstreet Memphis has a big dance floor called the Coliseum, and Dru’s Place is a sports bar for gays; Pumping Station is a well-established Levi-and-leather bar.

Several big gay events aren’t until fall — the Outflix gay film fest is in September, and Mid-South Pride takes place in October — but you can get to the Athens of the South on American Airlines for a C-note each way, leaving next Friday or Saturday and coming back Monday, May angry racerпродвижение сайтов под яндекс

—  Arnold Wayne Jones