Robin Roberts comes out, thanks ‘long time girlfriend’


Robin Roberts

“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts came out Sunday in a touching post thanking her “long time girlfriend,” The Huffington Post reported.

Roberts disclosed the relationship in a Facebook post in which she reflected on the past year. On Dec. 29, 2012, the news anchor celebrated 100 days post bone marrow transplant during her battle with myelodysplastic syndrome.

“At this moment I am at peace and filled with joy and gratitude,” Roberts wrote. “I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for my restored good health. I am grateful for my sister, Sally-Ann, for being my donor and giving me the gift of life. I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together.”

Amber Laign is a licensed massage therapist from the San Francisco Bay Area, according to People magazine. She and Roberts met through mutual friends and have been together for 10 years.

“I am grateful for the many prayers and well wishes for my recovery. I return every one of them to you 100 fold,” Roberts continued. “On this last Sunday of 2013 I encourage you to reflect on what you are grateful for too.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter noted that this is the first time Roberts has spoken publicly about her sexual orientation.

The 53-year-old follows in the footsteps of other famous figures who have chosen to discuss their personal lives without formally choosing a title or label.

Earlier this month, Olympic diver Tom Daley came out in a YouTube video, revealing he is in a relationship with a man. Last year, Frank Ocean came out in a blog post. He opened up about a same-sex relationship he had when he was 19 years old.

ABC News issued the following statement regarding Roberts’ Facebook post (via BuzzFeed):

“We love Robin and Amber, who we have all known for a long time. We were so touched by Robin’s Facebook message today and so thankful for all the loving support she has in her life.”

—  Steve Ramos

Starvoice • 12.09.11

By Jack Fertig


Susan Powter turns 54 on Monday. The fitness trainer gained fame through informercials, The Susan Powter Show and her catch phrase “stop the insanity” in the ’90s. The former Dallas-based entrepeneur came out in 2004 and has three sons. This year, Powter was a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race in February and profiled on Good Morning America in October.



Mars in Virgo sesqui-square Jupiter in Taurus goads people to be more stubborn, assertive and critical. Listening patiently and graciously, and learning how to improve, gives you an edge. Being a cranky know-it-all doesn’t.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22-Dec 20
Trying too hard to be a big shot only guarantees you’ll never be one. Focus on modesty and your hard work speaks for itself. Learn from criticism, but consider the source.

CAPRICORN  Dec 21-Jan 19
Knowing your inner strength makes you generous and kind. Being mature, thoughtful and aesthetically conservative helps you get ahead. Being smug will only bring you down.

AQUARIUS  Jan 20-Feb 18
Difficult family secrets can leave you wondering who you really are. Analyzing sibling rivalry can shed some light on the mystery. Feeling lost is the admission that leads to finding your true self.

PISCES  Feb 19-Mar 19
You might be able to avoid arguments that threaten your relationships and career. You don’t have to like, accept or agree with everything you hear, but you should consider it.

ARIES  Mar 20-Apr 19
Even when working on organizing minutiae, don’t get caught up in details. Keep an eye on the larger picture. You may need to sacrifice a battle to achieve victory.

TAURUS  Apr 20-May 20
Getting more physical and less cerebral helps you live a more balanced life. Instant gratification is a distraction from meeting your real needs. With thoughtful planning you’ll achieve the latter.

GEMINI  May 21-Jun 20
Start work on recent relationship problems. You feel stuck at first. That will pass. Evaluate your patience and commitment and your partner’s, but save that information for a later decision.

CANCER  Jun 21-Jul 22
Looking too far ahead trips you up. Hone your expertise on details that need immediate attention. It takes effort to be diplomatic, especially at work. Criticism is best focused on oneself.

LEO  Jul 23-Aug 22
Playing hard hurts friendships and your reputation. Striving for a personal best is better than crushing your opponents. Focusing on technique and personal accomplishment helps you at work.

VIRGO  Aug 23-Sep 22
If you can’t avoid fights, make an effort to listen. Consider other viewpoints, little as you may like them. It will all make sense later. The best solutions may come slowly. Be patient.

LIBRA  Sep 23-Oct 22
Worries about mortality or the meaning of life make you eager to figure it all out. Talking it out with a good friend raises more questions than answers. That’s good, honest and real.

SCORPIO  Oct 23-Nov 21
Pessimism and striving for control drive away those you love. List your priorities and another of your assets. Some problems you can solve. Others you just need to let go of.

Jack Fertig can be reached at 415-864-8302 or

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 9, 2011.

—  Michael Stephens

Cathedral of Hope launches ‘Faith in Three Words’ video campaign for the Advent season

Something like this for example.

Fans of Good Morning America will see the inspiration Cathedral of Hope got for their new Advent media project. The church launched “Your Faith in Three Words” which asks people to submit videos for their campaign. Like GMA‘s “Your Three Words,” people sum up their ideas on a theme in, well, three words. COH ran with the idea and created the following video to get it rolling. Watch it after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

What’s Brewing: HRC endorses Obama in 2012; Lady Gaga leaves out LGBTs on GMA

Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. Eighteen months before the 2012 vote, the Human Rights Campaign on Thursday endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election, citing his accomplishments for the LGBT community during his first 2 ½ years in office, the Washington Blade reports. Critics say the endorsement is premature because HRC should be pushing Obama to do more and because it sends the wrong message to potential GOP candidates who may want to reach out to the LGBT community.

2. Activists are moving forward with a peaceful demonstration that’s unlikely to be peaceful to mark Moscow Pride on Saturday after being denied a permit for the celebration by city officials, who cited a risk of public disorder. Similar “illegal” demonstrations to mark Moscow Pride have turned bloody in the past. Anti-gay groups reportedly have vowed to attack activists again this year, and police say they’ll break up the demonstration. Dozens of activists from the U.S. and Europe, including Lt. Dan Choi, have traveled to Moscow for the event to show their solidarity with the Russian LGBT community.

3. Lady Gaga performed on Good Morning America this morning, but according to multiple sources on Twitter, she left out the LGBT reference in “Born This Way.” The LGBT verse of the song also was cut from a version performed by the top 13 the other night on American Idol. What’s up with that? Anyhow, below is video of Gaga riding a zipline in to this morning’s GMA performance.

—  John Wright

Concert Notice: Britney hits up AAC in July

If you caught Britney Spears’ performance on Good Morning America today, you likely heard her announce she’ll be on the road quick-like to support her new album, Femme Fatale (I’ll have a review of it in this week’s ish). According to Billboard, the North American tour starts in June, and hits Dallas at the American Airlines Center on July 12. Enrique Iglesias was to be on the bill as well, but has reportedly dropped out already – just hours after the tour announcement. Perhaps two divas on a bill just wasn’t a good idea.

For those who missed GMA this morning, here’s some video of the concert as a preview of what to expect in July.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: Lady Gaga on self-love, AIDS prevention and her little monsters on ‘Good Morning America’

In case you were heading in to work at this time, Lady Gaga appeared today on Good Morning America. Remember, she’s the spokesperson for MAC cosmetics and discussed their work with HIV prevention, but she also talked to Robin Roberts about a few other things.

Not that we’ll post every appearance on TV by her, but I thought she was relatively poignant about working toward educating and preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: Biden says Obama is preparing the ground for the inevitable: Gay marriage

While President Barack Obama says his views on same-sex marriage are “evolving,” Vice President Joe Biden is a little more to the point. In an interview on Good Morning America on Christmas Eve, Biden said he believes same-sex marriage is “inevitable.” He also drew a comparison between marriage equality and the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Here’s Biden’s full response, which you can watch in the above video at about the 5:45 mark:

“I think the country’s evolving, and I think there’s an inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage. That is my view. But this is the president’s policy. But it is evolving. I think the country’s evolving. I remember the first time he met with the joint chiefs, I was with him. He said, ‘Gentleman, I want you to prepare you now.’ I want to end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ So he prepared the ground so that it was so widely accepted as it is today by the military, and I think the same thing is happening across the country with regard to the issue of marriage.”

—  John Wright

Mister clean

We get down and dirty about great gay uses of household items with home products guru Joey Green

RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer

TASK MASTER  |  Green is G-rated on TV, but offers us tips for gays armed with risque household items.
TASK MASTER | Green is G-rated on TV, but offers us tips for gays armed with risque household items.

Dallas Market Hall
2200 N. Stemmons Freeway
Sept. 11–12. $9.
See site for schedule.

He’s been on The View, Good Morning America and The Tonight Show and has published dozens of books, but you might not recognize Joey Green if you saw him on the streets. He’s more in the “OK, I know who you’re talking about” vein of celebrity.

Green is famous for applying useful but unusual uses for everyday products. Did you know Spam makes a great furniture polisher, or that lemon Kool-Aid is ideal for rust removal? Those are the kind of crazy but engaging tips he’ll bring to this weekend’s Home and Garden Market Show at Dallas Market Hall.

Although married with kids, Green has a gay man’s sense of camp (one of his books, which deconstructs The Wizard of Oz, posits that the

Cowardly Lion was a friend of Dorothy in more ways than one). Some of his advice is especially useful to gay people for their, let’s say, intimate reasons —or sometimes just great for a drag queen’s makeup case. In these economical times, it’s better to take items in the house than going to the store for a specific cleaner.

Despite his mild-mannered tone, Green is fine discussing his shtick with risqué bravado — his uses for contraceptives and tampons are usually redlined by his editors. Take, for instance, the simple condom. Playing safe is still in, but Green says they have multiple uses.

“Condoms are good if you’re hit in the nose or have a sore back,” he says. “Just fill it with water, freeze and [you have an] instant ice pack.  You can also put them on top a straight wooden handle shovel or mop or similar item — they work like a pencil eraser and keep it from sliding down and keep scruff marks off the walls.”

Makeup and beauty tips are abundant in Green’s books — many handy for a drag queen. In his newest, Joey Green’s Cleaning Magic, he puts nail polish remover, petroleum jelly and hair dryers to work beyond their original uses. But panty hose are a big item with Green.

“They are expensive,” he says. ”A lot of money is going down the drain. Save ‘em, ball ‘em up and they are great for polishing furniture. The nylon acts as a mild abrasive. They are great for cleaning car windshields and strainers, like for paint — just pour it through. Also, if a drag queen is late to a show because her fan belt gave out in her car, pantyhose can be tied in a knot and looped to replace it and get back on the road.”

Green doesn’t miss a beat when we mention what else Crisco can be used for other than cooking and … well, we left it at that.

“There are many uses for that. Crisco is all-natural made of soybean and cottonseed oils. It’s a great moisturizer. Just rub a dab on your skin. Keep some in the garage because it takes off oil and grease. And it gets lipstick stains out of clothes. “

Kinky and erotic does not escape Green. He could write an entire book with this angle alone, although instead he’s working on a project that gives tips and cures for pets. But he’s more willing to talk up the positives of a large roll of Saran Wrap in the house.  Whether it’s covering food, or the significant other, it’s a godsend.

“Well, don’t use it as a condom,” he orders. “Saran Wrap is great for holding screws in position. [Ed. note: Yes!] If a small screw is hard to hold, put it through the wrap to hold.  Putting it over a used tin of paint keeps it from hardening and it can cover small holes in windows.”

Finally, he breaks a bit. Food has its place in fun romps, but he tells us what else a cucumber is good for.

“Well,” he chuckles, “I know you can eat those.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 10, 2010

—  Kevin Thomas

Martina battling breast cancer

Martina Navratilova
Martina Navratilova

Lesbian tennis legend Martina Navratilova has announced publicly that she is battling breast cancer. She made the announcement this morning on Good Morning America.

She told USA Today, “The bad news is it’s cancer. The good news is that it hasn’t spread.”

Navratilova said the cancer was detected during a mammogram in January. She said she was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ, the most common kind of non-invasive breast cancer. Although DCIS is rarely life-threatening itself, it can carry an increased risk of invasive breast cancer later on, USA Today reported.

Navratilova, 53, said she blames herself for not catching the cancer sooner because she went four years between mammograms. She underwent lumpectomy surgery to remove the cancerous tissue on March 15 and will undergo four to six weeks of radiation therapy beginning in May. She said the radiation treatments will lower the risk of the cancer reccuring.

Navratilova will participate in a live chat Thursday at noon, CST, at Go here to get information and to sign up to participate in the chat.turbohackбаннерная интернет реклама

—  admin

Plaintiff in Dallas divorce case: 'This is not about gay and lesbian marriage'

The plaintiff in Texas’ first gay divorce case appeared on “Good Morning America Weekend” on Sunday along with his attorney, Peter Schulte. The plaintiff, who’s asking to be identified only as “J.B.,” again insisted that the divorce isn’t a “test case” designed to further LGBT equality.

GMA host Bill Weir: “Gay marriage advocates are celebrating this as an interesting way to get the whole issue in front of state supreme courts and possibly the U.S. Supreme Court. How much of that motivated you here?”

J.B.: “From the beginning, I have said this is not a test case, I’m not the poster child. In reality, for 10 months, there have been two people on the plane, the pilot and myself in the cabin alone. If anybody else had wanted to bring their cause to the table, they could have been there. Some of the greatest negative feedback that I’ve gotten has been from the gay and lesbian community, the legal community in the gay and lesbian community specifically. So you know what? You can’t just jump on when you want to and claim your stake. … This is not about gay and lesbian marriage.”

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—  John Wright