Grammys Live Blog: Swift wins big and Beyonce waves her hair

Best Country Album: Taylor Swift clutches her pearls and slackjaws for her award.  Great dress though.

Is Simon Baker wearing Avatar 3-D glasses?

Beyonce’s crotch grab made me a little uncomfortable. But digging the “Rhythm Nation” back-up dancers although why exactly were they there?

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Gaga and Elton open with a hot mess

I’ll be with you tonight live-blogging the Grammys for the evening. I hope we can have a good musical night together.


Lady Gaga opens the show with some “Poker Face” then burns herself alive to team up with Elton John. Much like his team-up with Eminem way back then, Elton latches onto the music’s It-Girl to give his own career a boost. Otherwise, I’m not really getting it. The “Speechless” and “Your Song” live mash-up was more mess-up.

Nicole Kidman is looking great!

I didn’t even know Stephen Colbert was hosting. I expect snarky greatness.

Song of the Year (already??) “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”

J.Lo. I’m not quite getting the 2008 raccoon eyes and aluminum foil mini-skirt/formal. Honey, no. Clearly they are getting those mounting comebacks out of the way. And her announcement of Green Day’s American Idiot just sent Taboo shivers down my spine.

By the way, some awards have already been given out tonight. Swift and Gaga already have their trophies. Check them out here.

—  Rich Lopez