Adult film star and former Dallas guy Chris Steele bestowed with Hall of Fame honors

Adult film fans will likely be familiar with the name Chris Steele. Heck, even Dallas peeps (OK, the gay ones) in general might know the name. Well, the MacArthur High School grad has done good. The former XXX film star, now executive producer of Jet Set Men, was given Hall of Fame status at last week’s 2011 Trendy Awards.

Below is the press release from Jet Set announcing the honor:

—  Rich Lopez

Surge in homophobic comments on the air can only mean one thing — it’s football season!

Dan Hampton, a Hall of Fame defensive lineman who now apparently works as an analyst for the MSG Network, used a homophobic metaphor to disparage the Dallas Cowboys on the air over the weekend.

“The Cowboys think they’re Clint Eastwood,” Hampton says in the above video clip. “They’re more of the Brokeback variety if you know what I’m talking about.”

Hampton’s co-host responds by saying, “No I don’t, please explain.”

Instead of explaining the Brokeback comment, Hampton goes on to make an even more offensive one. Referring to an upcoming game in which the New Orleans Saints host the Minnesota Vikings, Hampton says, “The Vikings need to go down there and hit that town like Katrina.” (Video is below.)

What an idiot. Let’s hope MSG cans Hampton by the close of business Tuesday. If they do, we’re sure it will be mostly because of the Katrina comment. After all, homophobia is probably encouraged on these stupid shows to boost ratings.

UPDATE: Hampton has apologized for the Katrina comment on Pro Football Weekly, but not for the homophobic remark about the Cowboys.

—  John Wright