Judge sends NOM to study hall to clean up their homework

Can you say embarrassing?  A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit NOM filed to challenge Rhode Island’s campaign finance laws because their briefs were incomprehensible garbage.

U.S. District Judge Mary Lisi said that the lawsuit from the National Organization for Marriage is disorganized, vague and poorly constructed. The judge said the relevant allegations were “buried” in the lawsuit.

Lisi dismissed the lawsuit, but said the group has the option to refile it by Wednesday.

Up to its usual tricks, NOM is attempting to run political ads against pro-equality candidates without having to play by the rules like everyone else.  Namely, they refuse to report expenditures and mind the spending limits set by law for political action committees.  Just another example of how the anti-family crowd is trying to remodel the Klan hood into a 21st century configuration.
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—  John Wright

G&L Hall of Fame Honors 15

SCOTT FREE X390 (PUB) | ADVOCATE.COMThe Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame has announced its 2010 inductees.
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—  John Wright

Hall of Famer Apologizes for “Brokeback” Comment

Hampton x390 (Screen Grab) I Advocate.comA Football Hall of Famer who said on TV that the Dallas Cowboys were a bit “Brokeback” apologized for his comment.
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LIVE VIDEO: San Francisco City Hall

UPDATE: As many of you noticed, both the USTREAM and ABC feeds have abruptly switched to an unrelated story. I’m not finding any other embeddable live streams from SF at the moment, dammit all to hell. Stand by.
UPDATE II: The below feed is back, for now.

Joe. My. God.

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BlogHer10 exhibit hall: I wasn’t lying – here’s the ‘tampon of the future’

I figure this post will freak out a good chunk of the readership, but hey, how often do I talk about feminine products in the coffeehouse? I mean it’s just an item that most pre-menopausal women throw into the shopping cart on a regular basis.

Tampon of the Future

Anyway, this was the item I was joking with Lizz Winstead about on Twitter yesterday, calling it a “tampon of the future.”

At BlogHer10, there are so many major vendors here, including a “Fox for Family” exhibit with a giant Great Dane posing with attendees for the latest Marmaduke movie, that it’s hard to figure out what’s blogworthy. So I picked what I thought was the most appropriate, unique and interesting one – the RepHesh booth, featuring its Brilliant tampons. (BTW, I’m not compensated for the post, other than the swag everyone receives for walking up).

So one of the women behind the booth came out to do her pitch; I mentioned my tampon of the future remark and she actually confirmed that for me – this is the first major change in tampon technology (boy is it bizarre saying that) since the 1920s. Why does that not surprise me? Just shove a rag up there.

Anyway, the big change is that each tampon is infused with natural active ingredients (L-lactide and citric acid). During your menstrual cycle your pH will shoot up to 7.4. These substances in the tampon help maintain the pH in your vagina at the normal range of 3.5-4.5. Basically, this means fewer “fun” things going on in that environment.

One of the funny exchanges while at the booth – the representative was hawking one of its other pH balancing gel products to use when Mother Nature isn’t calling. She says to me:

“It really helps out after all of that semen gets in you.”

I say:

“Well, I don’t have to worry about that.”

She says:

“Thank goodness, all that semen can be nasty to your pH.”

I was close to ROTFLOL on that one. No, this definitely isn’t Netroots Nation.
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—  John Wright