Iowa Hatefest: Santorum and Tony Perkins team up to thwart justice and equality. Help stop them.

Yesterday, I posted about the election measure to retain judges in Iowa. Basically, marriage equality is on the ballot, even though it’s not, thanks to the work of the gay haters. Next week, Iowa’s voters will decide whether to retain three State Supreme Court Justices. It’s usually a perfunctory thing. And, the homophobes are trying to hijack and undermine the state’s judiciary — because of the same-sex marriage decision.

NOM is spearheading the effort — and Arisha Michelle Hatch has been tracking them across Iowa. And, you really need to know is that Santorum and Tony “gay kids know they are abnormal” Perkins were campaigning out there with NOM this week. They cannot win.

The Fairness Fund
has an ActBlue page. Donate. Every dollar will help increase their online ad buy. Polling shows that this is very close. So, every vote will matter.

Spare something to stop NOM, Santorum and Tony Perkins.

And, if you live in Iowa, or have friends or family there, make sure they vote YES, YES and YES to retain the Supreme Court Justices.


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