Did Scott Lively’s homophobic ‘nuclear bomb’ cause a death in Uganda?

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Photobucket Last week, anti-gay activist Scott Lively whined in a local Boston newspaper that he is being unfairly criticized for his stances against the lgbt community, including playing a huge role in the creation of the infamous “kill the gays” bill in Uganda.

After an incident in Uganda yesterday, he may want to keep his mouth shut:

An outspoken Ugandan gay activist whose picture recently appeared in an anti-gay newspaper under the headline “Hang Them” was beaten to death in his home, Ugandan police said on Thursday.

David Kato, the activist, was one of the most visible defenders of gay rights in a country so homophobic that government leaders have proposed to execute gay people. Mr. Kato and other gay people in Uganda had recently warned that their lives were endangered, and four months ago a local paper called Rolling Stone published a list of gay people, and Mr. Kato’s face was on the front page.

At press time, the police do not view Kato's murder as a hate crime, but a robbery. However some lgbt activists in Uganda disagree:

Gay activists . . . said Mr. Kato was singled out for his outspoken defense of gay rights. “David’s death is a result of the hatred planted in Uganda by U.S. Evangelicals in 2009,” said Val Kalende, the chairperson of one of Uganda’s gay rights groups, in a statement. “The Ugandan government and the so-called U.S. evangelicals must take responsibility for David’s blood!”

Mrs. Kalende was referring to visits in March 2009 by a group of American evangelicals who held anti-gay rallies and church leaders who authored the anti-gay bill, which is still pending, attended those meetings and said that they had worked with the Americans on their bill.

One of the those activists was Scott Lively He even bragged that the 2009 visits created a “nuclear bomb against the gay agenda in Uganda.”

Kato's death comes almost a month after the arrest of Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa on conspiracy charges. Ssempa, a chief pusher of the country's “Kill the Gays” bill and also for his penchant for showing “scat porn” in church is among eight people  who was either detained or sought after an “alleged conspiracy to injure the reputation of Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral, Kampala.”

Ssempa and eight others had been charged with spreading rumors that Kayanja was gay, which is supposedly a common way to settle political scores in Uganda, but has deadlier implications since the controversy about the anti-gay bill.

The webpage Box Turtle Bulletin said the following:

David Kato was a spokesperson for Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and one of the plaintiffs (or applicants) in the successful lawsuit seeking a permanent injunction against the Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone (no relation to the U.S. publication of the same name). Kato was one of three applicants who had been named by the tabloid under a headline tagged “Hang Them!” His photo appeared on the tabloid’s front cover.

LGBT Ugandans have lived under a menacing atmosphere for more than a decade. The anti-gay hysteria has increased significantly since the introduction of the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill into parliament in 2009. That bill, which remains under review Parliamentary committee, would impose the death penalty on LGBT Ugandans under certain circumstances and criminalize all advocacy by or on behalf of LGBT people. It would also criminalize even knowing someone who is gay if that person fails to report their LGBT loved one to police within 24 hours. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for February 18, and the bill is expected to be considered after Parliament returns for a lame-duck session before the new Parliament begins in May.

Now in all honesty, we do not know the truth behind Kato's murder at the present, so it may be unfair to blame Lively. Certainly he never told people to kill anyone. And according to him, he never agreed with the death penalty facet of the Ugandan anti-gay bill.

But he did fan the flames of hatred towards lgbts in Uganda and that's the funny thing about fanning flames.

They always get out of hand and sooner or later, someone gets burned.
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Chris Brown’s Homophobic Twitter Feud

Singers Chris Brown and Raz-B trade antigay slurs in Twitter tirades.
Advocate.com: Daily News

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Palm Springs Police Chief Apologizes For Homophobic Remarks

Yesterday, Palm Springs Police Chief David Dominguez publicly apologized for homophobic remarks he made during a sex sting operation that targeted gay men in that city.

David_dominguez Valley News reports on exactly what Dominguez was caught saying: "What a bunch of filthy mother (expletive). You guys should get paid extra for this."

According to court documents, Dominguez used the phrase "filthy motherfuckers” while another officer involved in the sting was overheard using the slur "cocksuckers."

It took Dominguez a few months (and a couple of denials) but he has now apologized: "An inappropriate comment made by me did not display the utmost professional conduct expected from the chief of police and I sincerely apologize to the community at large."

The apology came only after City Manager David Ready released a memo to the Palm Springs City Council that criticizes the way in which the stings were conducted: “Portions of the operation were not conducted according to the professional standards that are expected of our Police Department. As a result, appropriate disciplinary and correction action has already been taken.”

Valley News provides more information about the findings: "In the city's report, Ready said police should have reached out to hoteliers, businesses and residents to warn them about the sting operation. He suggested the sting could have been done with surveillance instead of undercover decoys."

You may recall that the sting operation caused quite an stir among the city's gay community over the summer. The undercover operation targeted gay men involved in public sex and were charged under a harsh and unusual section of the Penal Code that would require them to register as sex offenders for life.

Towleroad News #gay

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How Come Nobody Makes Homophobic Anti-Abortion Campaigns?

Billboards in Austin, Texas, are popping up that have been banned elsewhere. How come? Because they target African-Americans in their discouragement of abortions. The clearly racist outdoor media campaign has been spotted elsewhere, including Boston and Houston, and is actually an attack on Planned Parenthood, claiming, "The most dangerous place for some children is in the womb." The spots, from the pro-life group Heroic Media, point drivers to a website, where the claim is made Planted Parenthood wants to "stop the reproduction of the unfit," including black babies. Which makes me wonder: When's the last time an anti-abortion ad was created just for the gays? And while targeting gay men might be a waist of dollars (anyone willing to spend 0k just to have a kid probably isn't going to abort it), isn't it time pro-lifers stop discriminating against America's lesbians and start calling on them not to ditch their "oops" babies? Can I get a HYMEN?

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WATCH: Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s homophobic rant against DADT repeal on the House floor

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FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter: If Gays Fear Qatar’s Homophobic Laws, They Should Abstain During World Cup

With Qatar being awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there's warranted furor over the Arab nation's on-going criminalization of homosexuality, where same-sex relations can land you in jail for five years. So what does FIFA President Sepp Blatter suggest gay athletes and fans should do during the tournament? Abstain.


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ABC’s What Would You Do? Tackles Homophobic Parenting

Even though it’s acting, this is hard to watch.

Joe. My. God.

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Illinois ‘Straight Pride’ High School Hit With Homophobic Graffiti

A week after students at St. Charles North High School in Illinois caused an uproar by wearing "Straight Pride" tees (adorned with kill-the-gays Biblical messages) to class, a new bout of homophobia: the school was tagged with spray-painted graffiti that said not terribly nice things about the gays.


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AUDIO: Radio host Chris Krok’s non-apology for his anti-gay rant against Joel Burns


Jeff Catlin, operations manager of Cumulus Radio Dallas, just sent over the above clip of KLIF host Chris Krok’s so-called on-air apology from Tuesday, for a homophobic rant last month in which Krok ridiculed Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns’ “It Gets Better” speech.

In the so-called apology, Krok acknowledges that he “crossed the line” by attacking Burns personally and using a lisp. He also says he never intended to advocate bullying or hurt anyone, and that he believes God loves gay people as much as anyone else. However, Krok goes on to say that he stands by his original point.

“I am in no way backing down from my opinion that Joel Burns had absolutely no business bringing this bullying stuff up in front of that City Council,” Krok says. “It was not the proper forum. Bullying is not an issue for City Council to address, let alone gay bullying. Straight bullying and gay bullying have no business in front of the City Council. It’s a waste and it’s useless. I was bullied when I was kid … just as much if not worse than Joel Burns was. For two years I was terrorized by two different guys. And Joel being bullied, his story, is no better than my story. His story is not worth any more attention than my story is, so it shouldn’t be treated differently or specially. And I’ll make it clear again, I do not condone homosexual behavior. For those who don’t know what condone means, I don’t approve of homosexual behavior, and I am not apologizing for my opinion. Now, I want to share with you some e-mails that I got because, as I said, we got many e-mails over the past several days, and I want you to notice the irony, because the same people who accused me of bullying are bullying me …”

The clip sent by Catlin ends at this point.

The so-called apology came after Instant Tea posted a clip of Krok’s eight-minute rant from October last week. Catlin said he received 500-600 e-mails in the wake of the post, which was picked up by gay blogs across the country.

Catlin said he met with Krok to discuss the matter on Tuesday morning, and Krok expressed an interest in apologizing.

Catlin claims he had already disciplined Krok immediately after the rant but he would not say what the punishment was.

“He was disciplined and as proof of such this topic was not discussed on the air again,” Catlin said. “The proof is in the pudding, and if you listen every day from Oct. 20 up until Nov. 16, it’s pretty clear that we did have a discussion about it.”

Chris Krok

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Palin’s family values include slinging homophobic comments like ‘faggot’

Classy bunch up there in Wasilla. “Faggot” is part of the vernacular.

Gee, can’t wait to see the Palin family’s “It Gets Better” video. They could probably outdo Cindy McCain. Speaking of “It Gets Better,” perhaps Sarah Palin should have accept Dan Savage’s “Gay Video Challenge.” He could have taught her kids about birth control and homophobia:

Every time the Palins infiltrate my life, I get more pissed at John McCain. I really loathe McCain for many reasons. He’s a hypocrite and a fraud. But, he’ll go down in infamy as the man who initially inflicted Sarah Palin and her dysfunctional family on the rest of us.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Read the nasty comments from the Palin girls that Joe linked to, and note how they’re clearly not much brighter than their mother – they can’t speak English correctly either.


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