WATCH: Straight dudes download Grindr for the first time

IMG_4093I learned a new phrase from a straight dude today: “Down to clown.” That’s the same as a hookup, I gather. I learned it watching this video, in which about nine straight guys get on Grindr for the first time. I can’t think these guys present the typical hetero men with their easy-going attitude about gay sex, but as for sex in general … well, it’s just proof all men are basically horndogs. In any event, it’s a fun watch.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Online hookup terminology decoded

I saw this on Twitter, and I think it will prove very helpful, especially for young guys just entering the gay scene and even older men who feel more comfortable with hanky codes than what’s meant in app-dating profiles. Here is some gay terminology, explained:

Bottom = bottom

Versatile bottom  = bottom

Versatile = bottom

Versatile top = bottom

Top = will top if necessary, but prefer to bottom

—  Arnold Wayne Jones