Rights Supporter Quinn Leads for Ill. Gov.

BILL BRADY PAT QUINN X390 (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COMIllinois governor Pat Quinn, a gay rights proponent, holds a slim margin over antigay challenger Bill Brady with most ballots counted.
Advocate.com: Daily News

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GA Megachurch pastor comes out: ‘To think about saving a teenager, yeah, I’ll risk my reputation for that’

Compare this to Tony Perkins who said gay kids know they are “abnormal,” which is why they kill themselves.


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Ill. Repub.: Won’t Focus on Social Issues

BILL BRADY PAT QUINN X390 (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COMIllinois governor Pat Quinn is highlighting challenger Bill Brady’s social conservatism, but Brady says he will focus on economic issues if elected.
Advocate.com: Daily News

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I’ll Be Seeing You…

Flowerchildbelonksy Phew. It's been a wild couple of weeks!

From Andrew Shirvell and Chris Armstrong to gay suicides, Westboro Baptists and Carl Paladino to Anderson Cooper and Universal Pictures, LGBT news has been a whirlwind of events high, higher, low, lower, and somewhere in-between. And of course who could forget all the culture, from the Ariston Baths to the zombies?

I'd like to thank all of you readers for sticking with me over the past few weeks. Andy should return to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow.

If you want to find me around the world wide web, look at Death and Taxes Magazine, The Bilerico Project, Change.org, or any other numbers of fine sites. It's the Internet; I'm only a click away.

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PS: Billie Holiday's "I'll Be Seeing You," AFTER THE JUMP

Sorry, I couldn't find footage of her actually singing the song, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it…

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Teabagger Carl Paladino To New York Post Reporter: I’ll Take You OUT Buddy!

Teabagger loon Carl Paladino got into a heated shouting match with a New York Post reporter yesterday after the reporter demanded to see evidence that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been cheating on his wife, as Paladino has begun to claim. Paladino, as we know, has a ten year-old daughter from his own adulterous affair with an employee.

After Dicker asked Paladino what evidence he had to make accusations to Maghabe at Politico that Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Andrew Cuomo had cheated on his ex -wife, Blain reports, Paladino turned the tables, assailing Dicker over the Post’s coverage of the daughter he fathered a decade ago with a woman other than his wife. “I want to know why you sent your goons after my daughter, Fred,” Paladino demanded. “You send another goon to my daughter’s house and I’ll take you out, buddy!” Paladino also raised the issue of Cuomo’s former marriage in a Newsday report this morning, saying he wanted the media to “go after Cuomo and his paramours” but, again, offering no evidence of what he was talking about. Paladino’s campaign manager, Michael Caputo, separated the two men and sent his candidate into the men’s room to calm down. Then, Caputo accused Dicker of working for Cuomo and doing his dirty work, so to speak. At one point, Blain says, Paladino cursed Dicker, saying, “F— him!”

Here’s a grainy clip of the altercation. New York, baby.

Joe. My. God.

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Video: ♫ You’re the grossest ban, I’ll follow you until you free me, D-A-, D-A-D-T ♫

Rachel’s feeling her inner Gaga. We’re surely only weeks away from Lady Pundit fashioning a hat out of the NBC peacock’s feathers:

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Good As You

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NY GOP Candidate For Gov: Vote For Me And I’ll Stop The Ground Zero Mosque

RELATED: The New York Times reports today that the GOP has launched anti-mosque campaigns around the country in an attempt to capitalize on the fervor about the Ground Zero mosque.

In Murfreesboro, Tenn., Republican candidates have denounced plans for a large Muslim center proposed near a subdivision, and hundreds of protesters have turned out for a march and a county meeting. In late June, in Temecula, Calif., members of a local Tea Party group took dogs and picket signs to Friday prayers at a mosque that is seeking to build a new worship center on a vacant lot nearby. In Sheboygan, Wis., a few Christian ministers led a noisy fight against a Muslim group that sought permission to open a mosque in a former health food store bought by a Muslim doctor. At one time, neighbors who did not want mosques in their backyards said their concerns were over traffic, parking and noise — the same reasons they might object to a church or a synagogue. But now the gloves are off. In all of the recent conflicts, opponents have said their problem is Islam itself.

Joe. My. God.

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