WATCH: Diamond Rings’ “I’m Just Me”

Last week, Diamond Rings proved to be a big tease with a snippet from his upcoming single. Thirty seconds of amazement was released to hint at some major badassery. He lives up to it with the release of “I’m Just Me.” The single previews an upcoming album and the video is, well, major.

Channeling his inner Devo, Rings deep voice glides over hard beats. Part club music, part indie rock, “I’m Just Me” definitely improves on his sounds from his last album Special Affections which was already amazing. Boy dancers and Starck Club imagery punctuate the video with energy as we see Diamond Rings embrace his polished off new self.

In short, it’s all good. Watch the video after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Diamond Rings teases upcoming single

Wow. Diamond Rings just kicked my ass and it took all of 30 seconds. The “neither-gay-or-straight” singer just posted this teaser video for “I’m Just Me” which immediately hints at a more polished sound. His 2010 album Special Affections was already some impressive stuff, but if this is any hint of what’s to come, then sign me up.

The single is set for a June 26 release and from his as-yet-untitled new album due for release in late 2012. He steps it up by working with Grammy-nominated producer Damian Taylor who’s worked with Bjork, The Killers and Robyn. Makes sense since the last we saw Diamond Rings, he was in town opening for Robyn. The kid knows how to work his connections.

Watch the teaser after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez