What’s Brewing: Navy reverses guidance that would allow same-sex weddings in base chapels

Gay former Councilman Ed Oakley is backing Scott Griggs in the District 3 race.

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1. The Navy has apparently caved to pressure from the far right and reversed guidance that would allow its chaplains to perform same-sex weddings in base chapels once “don’t ask, don’t tell” is repealed. Rear Adm. Mark L. Tidd, the Navy’s chief of chaplains, says the decision to reverse the guidance is only temporary “pending additional legal and policy review.” The reversal follows an uproar by anti-gay groups such as the Family Research Council and the Center for Military Readiness, which claim that allowing same-sex weddings on military bases would violate the Defense of Marriage Act. Meanwhile, an amendment that would prohibit same-sex weddings on defense department property and bar military chaplains from officiating them is one of several anti-gay measures that are expected to be considered today by the House Armed Services Committee when it calls up the Defense Authorization Act.

2. President Barack Obama delivered an extensive speech on immigration reform Tuesday in El Paso – but he failed to mention the plight of bi-national same-sex couples. Obama did give a shout out to the gays later in Austin, when he listed DADT repeal among his legislative accomplishments of the last few years.

3. Openly gay former District 3 Dallas City Councilman Ed Oakley is supporting challenger Scott Griggs over incumbent Dave Neumann in the race for his old seat in Saturday’s election. Rudy Bush at The Dallas Morning News reports that Oakley spent $3,500 on a pro-Griggs mailer sent  to voters in the heavily LGBT Oak Cliff district. “Dave Neumann has not done anything in 4 years to help the residences of District 3, the southern sector, or Dallas,” Oakley said, explaining the mailer in an email to Griggs. “He has not worked with the other council persons to make progress. He is very good at taking credit for everything that was put in place prior to him taking office. He is not the leader that is needed to represent District 3.” Both Stonewall Democrats and the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance have also endorsed Griggs over Neumann.

—  John Wright

Get Equal Now protests Texas GOP platform

Protesters outside Blue Mesa Grill

A group of protesters from Get Equal Now braved the rain to protest the Texas Republican Party and its anti-LGBT platform on Thursday evening.

WBAP talk show host Mark Davis was the keynote speaker inside the Blue Mesa restaurant, at the meeting of a Hispanic Republican group.

Get Equal Now’s Chastity Kirven and Michael Robinson had reservations for the restaurant but were denied service. They were escorted out of the restaurant by Dallas police officers.

“We were met with security who escorted us off the property because they said we would be a threat to the event,” said Robinson. “C.D and I made dinner plans at Blue Mesa that evening at 7 p.m. and were refused service after confirming our reservation. Well at least we know we are a threat to them.”

Once escorted to the street, where they were allowed to protest, the group chanted “Gay, Straight, Black or White! Same struggle, Same fight!”

Kirven wrote to Dallas Voice:

“This protest today by Get Equal Now is a stand against oppression politics. The TX GOP’s divisive platform only creates divides that bind minority communities together. Whether its immigration reform, LGBT issues or an attempt to miseducate our future by rewriting the past in Texas schoolbooks, the platform leaves no room for inclusion and attempts to legalize bigotry. We will stand together and turn this red state blue.

“This is just the beginning and the gloves are off! We are not going to allow the TX GOP to legalize homophobia. We had a win with the federal judge finding parts of DOMA unconstitutional. We are in this to win this because it is about our lives, our families and our allies. We will GET EQUAL NOW!”

—  David Taffet

WATCH: Immigrant Punk video splices footage from live show in Denton, MegaMarch in Dallas

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Denton’s Immigrant Punk, the music moniker of Rocio Aranda. She fuses folk and hip-hop and social messages in her tunes. She came to Texas with her family from Mexico and, with national focus on immigration reform, not to mention what’s happening in Arizona, it’s easy to figure this is something that speaks to her.

Here, she took footage of her last show at Cool Beans in Denton performing “Shape of Hope” and mashed it up with footage from the recent MegaMarch that took place in Dallas. The video is “dedicated to the immigrant in all of us.”

Immigrant Punk is next slated to perform in Florida at St. Pete Pride, St. Petersburg’s Pride Festival, on June 26.оптимизация продвижения

—  Rich Lopez

'Undocumented' screens at USA Film Festival


After our recent coverage of the Mega March in Dallas, the USA Film Festival wanted to let us know that they will be screening a film tonight entitled, “Undocumented.”

“We are trying to reveal to the public that our system is broken. We show all sides of the issues and what people around the country are really saying,” associate producer Andrew Boks wrote to Dallas Voice. “The movie is both entertaining and disturbing.”

The film will screen at the Angelika Film Center at Mockingbird Station tonight at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m., and tickets are $10 each. Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling 214-821-6300.gruzovie-perevozkiпоисковая оптимизация сайта продвижение сайта

—  David Taffet

The gays go to the Mega March

Staff writer David Taffet shot these photos Saturday featuring some of the LGBT folks who participated in the Mega March for Immigration Reform in downtown Dallas. He’ll have a full story on gays and immigration in Friday’s Voice.

The LGBT groups that participated in the Mega March that are in the video include Rainbow LULAC, Equality March Texas and Queer Liberaction Denton.

The video begins at the Meyerson Symphony Center where the LGBT marchers gathered. They joined the main march from Cathedral Guadalupe on Ross Avenue to Dallas City Hall.The march ended with speakers and the playing of “America the Beautiful” by lesbian writer Katharine Lee Bates.

Si se puede!electro-buy.ruсайт визитка цена

—  John Wright

Mega March includes LGBT groups

The Mega March for immigration reform attracted tens of thousands of people to downtown Dallas today.

LGBT groups met at the Morton Meyerson Symphony Center, one block from the main staging area on Ross Avenue. The march was scheduled for 1 p.m. but didn’t step off until 1:30.

In this short video, a gay contingent led by the LGBT LULAC Council is followed by a mass of people that filled at least 10 city blocks, curb to curb.

Also marching with Rainbow LULAC were members of QueerLiberAction Denton, Equality March Texas, GetEQUAL and Congregation Beth El Binah.

—  David Taffet

Immigrants are the new gays in a scenario that reminds Jesse Garcia of Nazi Germany


Dallas’ LGBT chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens will be among the groups participating in this Saturday’s Mega March for Immigration Reform in downtown Dallas. The previously scheduled march is expected to draw up to 100,000 people in the wake of Arizona’s recent decision to racially profile crack down on suspected illegal immigrants.

LULAC Council 4871-The Dallas Rainbow Council will discuss plans for the march at its regular monthly meeting tonight, which will also feature State Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, executive director for the Dallas Peace Center; and Shawn Amoei, a student leader from the local Iranian-American community. The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at hung*ding*er, 4000 Cedar Springs Rd., Suite E.

From a note on posted on LULAC 4871 President Jesse Garcia’s Facebook page this morning:

“Ten years ago, the hate toward different went after the gay. That feeling of seeing two men or two women sharing love was just too much to bear by those in the majority. State by state, laws against same-sex marriage were passed. They took away the right of consenting adults to share a home, a life. After devastating a community that only makes up 10 percent of the population and sending a nation of states backwards, the majority looked elsewhere to express their frustration that their numbers were not growing. Their rage inside had not subsided. Now the majority has gone after the immigrant. Even though immigrants come from every part of the world and in every color, the ‘browning’ of America was too much for the majority in power. Slowly, communities and states are now masking their racial hatred by coming up with their own immigration enforcement. …

“These scenarios have been played out before. Different characters in different times. One only needs to look at how Nazi Germany started to see parallels of where our society is going.”

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Garcia, who had this to say:

“In 2006, there were a lot of gay people who participated, so I’m hoping to replicate that. I just think it’s important that the gay community reach out to a fellow community that’s under attack, and that we need to realize it’s not just a Hispanic issue. Immigrants come from every part of the world.”

Garcia said marchers are being asked to wear white T-shirts in a show of solidarity. American flags are also encouraged. He suggested that people carry signs that say, “The LGBT community supports our immigrant brothers and sisters.”

After the jump, the full text of Garcia’s Facebook note, as well as a map of Saturday’s route and a photo from the 2006 march.

—  John Wright