In NH, House GOP’s ‘legislative agenda will not include repealing gay marriage’

Interesting development from the Granite State, which I first saw via Joe.My.God:

The House Republican’s legislative agenda will not include repealing gay marriage.

House Republican Leader D.J. Bettencourt confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that jobs and the economy will be the top priorities that Republicans will use as their scorecard to measure themselves by for the next two years.

This is fascinating, if it proves to be true. As Joe says:

Stand by for NOM’s hissy fit.

This sure gives all those anti-gay GOP presidential hopefuls something to talk about. Good thing Fred Karger is campaigning in New Hampshire to provide some sanity.


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State Department Changes Forms to Include Same-Sex Parents

As reported over the weekend, in late December, the State Department will modify applications for passports and birth records for children of U.S. citizens born overseas to reflect that both parents may be of the same sex.  The forms, which formerly asked only for information on a child’s  “mother” and “father,” will now request “mother or parent 1” and “father or parent 2”.  We applaud the State Department and Secretary Clinton for taking this important step to recognize the many different family structures in our nation, including those headed by same-sex couples.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

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Palin’s family values include slinging homophobic comments like ‘faggot’

Classy bunch up there in Wasilla. “Faggot” is part of the vernacular.

Gee, can’t wait to see the Palin family’s “It Gets Better” video. They could probably outdo Cindy McCain. Speaking of “It Gets Better,” perhaps Sarah Palin should have accept Dan Savage’s “Gay Video Challenge.” He could have taught her kids about birth control and homophobia:

Every time the Palins infiltrate my life, I get more pissed at John McCain. I really loathe McCain for many reasons. He’s a hypocrite and a fraud. But, he’ll go down in infamy as the man who initially inflicted Sarah Palin and her dysfunctional family on the rest of us.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Read the nasty comments from the Palin girls that Joe linked to, and note how they’re clearly not much brighter than their mother – they can’t speak English correctly either.


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