Irish president won’t attend homophobic NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade

The Independent (Ireland):

Irish-American commentator Niall O’Dowd insisted yesterday that Mrs McAleese’s decision was connected to the issue of gays being refused the right to march in the parade under their own banners.

“I think she made her decision based on the fact that she has a great relationship with gay groups in Ireland and this would be a hugely controversial move for her because of the ban on gays in the parade,” he said.

She had made her decision and many gay groups in Ireland would probably agree with her, Mr O’Dowd said.


—  John Wright

Irish Protest for Equality

IrelandFlagx390 ( | Advocate.comCalling for full marriage equality and adoption rights for gays, 2,000 people marched in Dublin on Sunday. Daily News

—  John Wright