Talkin’ Prop 8 with Rick Vanderslice

Rick Vanderslice, left, speaks during last night’s Prop 8 rally at the Legacy of Love Monument.

Rick Vanderslice, whom I ran into Wednesday evening at the Prop 8 rally, sends along word that his radio show Thursday afternoon will feature a roundtable discussion about the ruling, what it means and what’s next for the LGBT equality movement. “The Rick Vanderslice Show” streams live from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Panelists will include Blake Wilkinson, Rafael McDonnell, Michael Robinson, Israel Luna, Jack E. Jett and John Nelson. Vanderslice was kind enough to invite me to join them, but alas, it’s production day here at DV, so I’ll have to make my debut on the show another time. The call-in number is 214-631-1360.

—  John Wright

Crazy with a Z: Liza on the Home Shopping Network

I have to say, I never — and I mean never — have watched the Home Shopping Network or QVC; even infomercials rarely keep me tuned more than 30 seconds. But our friend Jack E. Jett — who I have a story about in Friday’s print edition — sent me a link to this video of Liza Minnelli appearing recently on HSN. When you hear how everyone gushes over her, you realize that would probably make you nutz with a Z after a few years. Enjoy the train wreck that is Judy’z daughter:

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Well, that didn't last long

Jack E. Jett’s CNN Radio show is no more. And he’s crying foul – and homophobia.

Here’s what Jack told me:

Some guy name J.D. who is in charge of Clear Channel read a quote of mine on the Dallas Observer blog [where he said something like] ‘I’m not one of those hosts who have one hand on the mike and the other on my cock.’ [J.D.] said he found that distasteful and cancelled the entire show. [Jack] spoke with J.D. and called him out for what I am certain that it is: homophobia, plain and simple. He wouldn’t even deny it; he just said ‘How dare you call me a homophobe and you better not be recording this.’ I don’t think the part about the ‘cock’ bothered him. I am sure it was [me] the being a spokesperson for the gay community that freaked him out.

So, here’s the issue to me: If there was a reason other than this “J.D.” being personally offended, we invite him to send us a letter or offer his excuse here. If not, I think we need to get an explanation from Clear Channel about what their official policy is about gay (or even “offensive”) personalities on their stations.web контентметоды оптимизации сайта

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Jett gets new gig — and it is a doozy


When Rational Radio lost its AM frequency at the start of the year, Jack E. Jett, who hosted a weekend talk show on the progressive station, decided to work on other projects. He promised one was a pretty big deal … and turns out it is.

Jett has parlayed his radio ilume gig with ilume honcho Luke Crosland into an evening slot on CNN Radio 1190 AM. ilume-A-nation is Jett’s two-hour gabfest, starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 25. This is pretty major news, considering Jett’s very-out (and very outre) personality is being given voice on a Clear Channel frequency.

The show was set to debut this past Monday, but Jett delayed the start date a week. No biggie, except I was supposed to be his first co-host, but I will be out of town this Monday… so I get to be his fourth co-host starting next Thursday, Jan. 28. Still pretty cool.имидж компаниипоисковая оптимизация под google

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Rational Radio gets even gayer on Sunday

Rational Radio, which airs on 1360 AM locally, already has a pretty gay weekend lineup with The Jack E. Jett Show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Now, Sundays start getting gay in the morning.

On Oct. 4, gay radio vet Rick Vanderslice teams up with poet R.J. Jackson for the premiere of The Rick and R.J. Radio Show, a weekly two-hour chatfest that pairs a young Gen-Yer with a Baby Boomer. The inaugural guest is Lambda Literary Award winner (and occasional Dallas Voice contributor) Jenny Block. The second hour will feature interviews conducted during the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

And immediately after, you can get your Jack online mobileоптимизация сайта отзывы

—  Arnold Wayne Jones