Ew! Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am drag it up for 2 good causes


I am a Jimmy Fallon fan, even though I don’t think I have ever watched the Tonight Show since he has been host. And I didn’t watch his other shows before he became the Tonight Show host. That’s because I am old, and I don’t like staying up that late.

I do, however, love watching videos of the skits Fallon gets his guests to participate in. The lip-sync battles crack me up. And I just discovered his does a semi-regular skit called “Ew!” in which he and a guest dress as teenage girls and talk about everything that is “Ew!”

Well, now Fallon and will.i.am have teamed up to create a rap called “Ew!,” and turn it into a video. It’s a good way to start your day off with a laugh. Several laughs, in fact.

You can watch it here on Instant Tea for free, but consider downloading the song from iTunes — cost is $1.29 — because all proceeds benefit SeriousFun Children’s Network, which “create[s] opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge,” and the i.am.angel Foundation, will.i.am’s foundation that strives to “transform lives through education, inspiration and opportunity.”

Here it is. Enjoy. (Oh, and watch more than once. You can’t catch it all first time through.)

—  Tammye Nash

Barbra returns to ‘Tonight Show’ after 50 years

Babs and Jimmy

DVR alert! Barbra Streisand — who famously was called an exciting new star by the new host of The Tonight Show (on Johnny Carson) more than 50 years ago — returns to the place it all started tonight. She’ll make a rare television appearance, singing a duet with current host Jimmy Fallon, tonight on the NBC series.

The pairing isn’t so extraordinary. Barbra’s new album, Partners — which we reviewed here — drops tomorrow. Why not duet with Fallon? After all, she does one with Elvis.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: Bob Mould on Fallon last night

If you were at the Big D Bear Dance this past spring, you got to bathe in the greatness that is Bob Mould. He’s one half of the Blowout DJ team that spun the tunes for all those grizzlies and polars and what not. But he’s more famous for his role in alt-rock bands Husker Du and (a personal fave) Sugar, as well as his solo career. On top of that, with all that he’s done in music in a variety of guises, he’s also the least affected music star I’ve ever had the privilege to chat with.

He tells all about his life in music and coming out in his brand new autobio See A Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody released just last week.

Anyway, he seemed to randomly appear last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He and The Roots (Fallon’s house band) performed a cover of Sugar’s “If I Can’t Change Your Mind.” Mould has a husky voice to begin with, but I was bummed that he sounded a bit off yesternight.

—  Rich Lopez

Could the Emmys have been any gayer?

Jane Lynch

The first half hour of the Emmy Awards on Sunday night were gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. And lesbian.

Ryan Murphy, winner of best director of a comedy, kissed his boyfriend before running up on stage to accept his award.

Jane Lynch, who won best supporting actress in a comedy, kissed her wife and then thanked her on stage.

The controversy about ABC’s gay-friendly comedy “Modern Family” has been when will Cam and Mitchell kiss? They answered that question last night. Erik Stonestreet won best supporting actor in a comedy. He kissed his wife and then kissed his TV husband, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Neil Patrick Harris won best guest appearance in a comedy by an actor. Golden Girl Betty White won best guest appearance by an actress. Harris thanked the Academy for allowing a gay man to host the show two years in a row. (Harris, who hosted last year, is gay. No one would be surprised if Jimmy Fallon, who hosted this year, came out.)

The show straightened up after the first awards, with a few more gay Emmys through the night. Aaron Paul, who won best supporting actor in a drama for his role in “Breaking Bad,” kissed his partner. The writers for the Tony Awards won best writing for a special and “Modern Family” won best comedy.

—  David Taffet