WATCH: Kaboom Town grand finale

For the second straight year, the BF and I headed out to Addison on Tuesday night for Kaboom Town, which is frequently billed as one of the best fireworks displays in all the U.S. (It certainly is if you go by worst parking and most traffic!) We made the mistake of sitting too close to a tree, but below is video of the grand finale shot with my iPhone. Happy Fourth!

—  John Wright

This week’s takeaways: Life+Style

National Pride month is almost over, but there are still a few things you can do to prove how gay you are.  For example, Dallas’ first-ever gay darts tourney starts this weekend, and it’s not too late to late-register. And The Real L Word makes a Dallas appearance for ladies’ night out at Winston’s Supperclub on Sunday … which, I guess, is technically not June anymore, but still ….

July 4 falls awkwardly mid-week this year, but you can still head up to Addison for Kaboom Town on Tuesday night, or go out to see The Amazing Spider-Man, which opens Tuesday and promises to be one of the summer’s box office hits; the movie is not bad, either — look for a review next week.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

PHOTOS: Kaboom Town! in Addison

Kaboom Town! in Addison is rated one of the best fireworks shows in America, and although it didn’t run the advertised 30 minutes (more like 15 or 20), the show itself didn’t disappoint. Just don’t plan on getting out of Addison for at least two hours after the fireworks, especially if you make the mistake of parking in one of the garages. More pics and some low-res video of the the grand finale below.

—  John Wright