WATCH: Another hate crime reported in TX

In the second report of a violent anti-gay hate crime in Texas over the Halloween weekend, a lesbian college student says she was beaten by two men who kidnapped her at a party in San Antonio. Kristen Cooper, who attends the University of Texas at San Antonio, told KENS Channel 5 she was waiting for a ride outside an apartment complex in the northwest part of the city when the men punched her and drug her into their truck, before driving off and continuing to beat her.

The suspects eventually let Cooper go, but she was without a phone so she walked down the roadway until someone spotted her and called 911. Cooper said the only thing the suspects knew about her was that she’s gay, and they yelled anti-gay slurs during the attack. She suffered a concussion and whiplash, and her face is badly bruised and swollen.

Police are investigating the incident as an assault but said they can’t confirm it was a hate crime.

In the other incident, a gay man from Paris, Texas, said he was stabbed with a broken beer bottle and thrown onto a fire at a party in nearby Reno.

Watch Channel 5’s report on the San Antonio case below.

—  John Wright

TV station suggested trans panic in San Antonio attack, but reports show it was more like rape

QSanAntonio has more on the alleged beating of a transgender woman on Sept. 23. The QSanAntonio report, which appears to be based on an actual police report, differs substantially from one posted by KENS Channel 5 last week. The TV station reported that the suspect hired the victim for sex and beat her after learning she was transgender. But according to QSanAntonio, the suspect actually raped the victim after she refused to have sex with him:

The victim told police that the man wanted to have sex but she said no. The man got angry and punched her in the face multiple times while screaming at her, “You want to be a woman!” The man pulled the truck over in a secluded area and the victim tried unsuccessfully to run away.

The man dragged the victim to a grassy area and pulled off her clothes and forced her to perform oral sex on him. The victim eventually was able to push the man away and run across the road to an apartment complex near the 3200 block of Hillcrest while her attacker drove away.

It was about 3 a.m. when the victim banged on the door of one apartment screaming “Please help me.” The apartment owner let the victim in and called police.

The QSanAntonio story goes on to say that police initially wrote “she” when referring to the victim in their report, but later crossed out the “s” to change it to “he.” So it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if we found out authorities were at least partly to blame for Channel 5’s sensationalized — and apparently inaccurate — story.

—  John Wright