Ladies' Lunch: Finally, a day out on The Porch

As long as The Porch has been there on Henderson and I lived not too far from it, I never made it out there. In this first week that I’ve moved away from Dallas, I found myself there for lunch today thanks to Lady Luncher and colleague Ramon Vega. And that meant, I would finally get my hands on their famous burger, The Stodg. From what I gathered, I was six ounces of beef away from a cardiac nightmare — or as I prefer to call it, a dream.


—  Rich Lopez

Ladies' Lunch: A date with a Rusty Taco

I joined the Ladies’ Lunch gang yesterday to hit up the newest taco spot in town. Rusty Taco opened April 12 in the old Just Brakes location on University and Greenville. We weren’t sure if we’d have a motor oil aftertaste, but we were all about looking deep into this taco.

We pulled up around 11:45 to an awkward parking lot but snagged a spot quickly. However, we were a little distressed over this sight. RTaco1But that line out the door didn’t take too long and the ladies taking our orders were cool, collected and upbeat enough to forget the wait.

The menu is thankfully simple but the options are above average. And with every taco at $2, Chance and I splurged on three. Being the real lady of this lunch, Kristina ordered a dainty two. We dug the best bet of $1 chips and salsa. Major score.

—  Rich Lopez

Ladies' Lunch loves a good 'Box'

A hearty 'Box' lunch.
A hearty ‘Box’ lunch.

The Ladies’ Lunch gang apologizes for the lack of reports. Timing just hasn’t been on anyone’s side. But today, the gang was back in action and I jumped at the chance to join in for new ilume resident, Beyond the Box. Glad to say, it was a good decision for this cold day.

I made my way over there earlier this week and had some pretty fantastic and way spicy tortilla soup. Although it was more puree than chunky, the flavors worked nicely. Being that it was piping hot only made it better for the dropping temps. This time, the three of us took stabs at the sandwich options. But I couldn’t resist another soup serving. But before I get to mine, here’s LL regular Chris’ take on lunch.

—  Rich Lopez

Ladies' Lunch heads to Taco Joint…again

The three crispy taco combo is simple but outstanding.
The three crispy taco combo at Taco Joint is simple but outstanding.

Taco Joint is nothing new to some of the DV staffers. We’ve been heading to the East Dallas spot for a few months now enjoying their tasty tacos and affordable daily specials.  Just a couple of us made it to T-Jo’s today for an early lunch. They’ve been a reliable go-to spot for midday noshing and once again they did not disappoint.

—  Rich Lopez

Ladies' Lunch hits up the new Mario Sabino's restaurant on Lemmon

Gladly, I have a standing invitation with the Ladies’ Lunch gang here at the office. Today, we opted for Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine at the newly-opened Mario Sabino’s on Lemmon, housed in the former Casa Blanca spot next to CiCi’s. With uber-fast service and a decent lunch selection for less than $10, we were stoked.

I’d never been to Casa Blanca so I’m not sure how much of a difference there was in the interior, but the simplicity in Sabino’s interior design was a nice reprieve from most places that overcompensate with junk on the walls. And it was quiet too but not uncomfortably so. Lately I’ve had issues with restaurants and their loudness. Sabino’s seems to want you to stay and we’d be more than happy to oblige, that is if we had more than an hour.

—  Rich Lopez